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Complex Carbohydrates

Working from home = Noodles

There's something about working form home that brings out my inner students - I'd happily eat toast (with peanut butter) all day if I could. When I was a student, writing up my dissertation, I actually moved the toaster upstairs to be next to my PC so I wouldn't have to go very far for toast.
I'm better now - but I'm in a noodles out of a packet kind of mood...

Great British Bake Off - Season 4 #GBBO - Ep1 - Cake


Having only just got back into the swing of making big cakes, for CCC, this worries me less then it used to, but it still stresses me out. None of them really appeal though.

Technical Challenge

Angel cake, that looks terrifying - I know I don't have the patience for that kind of thing. I'm not even sure I've ever eaten it - it looks a faff.

Show Stopper

I also hate baking with chocolate - it fills me with dread. At least it gets this out of the way I suppose. not an easy one to start off, but I suppose by now everyone must know what is expected from GBBO and has to raise their game accordingly.


It's still too early to get a grip on them - but some of them are emerging onto twitter:

Beca (The Welsh one) - @BecaMurphLP
Toby - (The one who got voted off) - @bake_down

I can't remember the rest of the names so I'm sure they'll appear / form as people. 13 Is a bit too many to get to know at the start isn't it. Not surprised Toby was voted off, I s…

Bon Appetit's cooking from the archive

Vintage Food photography and cookbooks are a great delight - some seriously messed up things appear in them and the yellow tinge all the photos have only adds to the appeal.

Here's some great revisits of the Bon Appetit's archives...

Great British Bake Off - Season 4 #GBBO

Wheeee! Season 4 is about to start ( Tuesday 20th August, 8pm on BBC Two ) I won't be live blogging it because it will clash with Zumba but I will be doing write ups again, or comments on - whatever they were last year...

Until it does start here are the Season 4 contestants - take from the official FB page
Any thoughts on who might leave first? any one got any ideas of how I'll try and remember the names? It seems means to assign nicknames to them already...

The Alice in Wonderland Cookbook and Lewis Carroll’s Guide to Dining Etiquette

Lovely discussion of what looks like a lovely book over at Brain Pickings

Nom books - coming soon to pinterest...

Having just commented on a picture of Nigella Bites on Pinterest - not randomly, someone else's said it was the first of her books they'd had and it was life changing, and I commented it was my first ever cookbook, and one of a few I'd save from a burning fire I had an idea.

I always expected this blog to create a little bit more conversation then it does, and that's fine, but maybe pinterest would work better - especially giving the fact I've swapped back to traditional themes and templates of Bloggeer since the fancy-pants dynamic ones kept breaking.

It might take a little time, and I can't decided to create a new Pinterest account for NomBooks, and have it split,  or add it o my existing one - which would be easier and less hassle, but I only had the idea a second ago and I haven't even had breakfast yet...

It might also look pretty awesome too =]


It's live - but it has taken me a wee…

Science & Cookies

Spotted this on I <3 Charts