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Showing posts from June, 2005
We've tested out the new little BBQ - it's really fab. Pete did a lovely little post work BBq for us, there's some photos on the Nero bit

When it got a bit colder we all sat down and watched Dr Who finale, it really was an amazing bit of telly, hats of to Mr. Davies - great stuff.

I also found out I've got a job interview with Brighton City College on a job I applied for. I didn't expect that - so it's come as a little bit of a shock. I now need to sort out getting down there and the like. I'm very excited and in turn very scared.
Back from the quick jaunt to London last night - never used so much public transport in 2 days!!!

Photos are up in the people section - London convergance link.

Have to go get ready for work now!
It's sunny! I do love having gardens to sit out in, just went out to sit outside for lunch and to celebrate Pimm's O'Clock (my favourite time of the day). Bliss.

Oh well, back to work!
Man, I'm tierd. I know it's only been my usual weekend at Nero but with such a busy week preceeding it and such a busy day Saturday (stupud Lord Mayor's parade - I've more civic pride then most, but parades annoy me in SimCity where they keep centering on them, they annoy me even more when they drive past work wth loudspeakers blearing).

In work again tomorrow - Amazingly the one or two days promised by my boss whern she was away has morphed into 2 solid weeks of work. GRRR - Wish I wasn't so weak willed, and I could say something, but lord knows the money will be helpful. I just keep hoping it won't hurt my project, and I have to be better at making myself work.

At least I know more or less what I'm doing with my project.

Been on my own this weekend as well, Pete's popped back home to proudly show off his Barista of the Year finalist t-shirt (he came 3rd in the region, lots of calls of Eurovision stylee tactical voting and thewrong shaped jugs - Pete'…