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Well, with any luck this should be my last weekend working a crappy minimum wage job! Yeah Me! Proper paying jobs or nothing, I want to be the other side of the counter *stomps foot*

Pete's gone home this weekend, he set off at 5:30am to beat traffic and he should be there by now! It means I've a night of slobbing in front of the telly with no one to try and steal the bean bag, or a night playing sims with out anyone complaining all I care about is the little people in my computer, I'm pretty sure I'll have finished book 10 of series of unfortunate events by then.

Uni works going well, it's all comming togther nicely, as is the job serach. I'm also amused to find out the new media MA think I'm really intelligent becuase I've got an Engineering Bsc - It's very silly.

The flats a tip, but we've got guests in a few weeks so a solid goal to work towards means it's likely the flat will be sparkaling - always a good thing!! We're aiming to set up…
finally got to spend a day with Pete (yeah), and we spent it in Blackpool (umm, less yeah). Anyway thats two sea sides in as many weeks, 3 if you count Crosby Photos up as soon as I post this..Really.

Stuff keeps arriving for my birthday, and it's all plesently book / DvD shaped. I love my Amazon wishlist, and I'm not sure how others cope without one.

Annoying HSBC bank hasn't got back to me yet. Grr, stupid people. Apart from that, and the weather, and the flat's a mess, it's all hunky-dory over here.
I wasn't fussed about my birthday until I noticed things being brought from my amazon wish list and Pete furitivly hiding stuff around the flat. Yeah - Birthday!! (and happy birthday to Charlotte for tomorrow)

Got attacked by Spike this morning and it's made typing really painful - evil cactus! The mental thing has decided it's fun to flop over at random.

Went to see Antony Gormly's another place thing, with all the people standing on the beach, it's size means it's got nowehere near the impact of Field or even The Angel of the North. Pretty bit of coast though. Photos up when I get around to it!
Didn't get the job in Brighton, didn't really expect to and they did say it came down to teaching experience. I might have had a shot if they'd have written the course yet, but they haven't.
Never mind, Brighton was nice and sunny. Bit lonely to be there on my own but never mind, all expense paid (more or less) I'll put photos up in a bit.

Off to yell at the bank again, in the process of drafting a letter of complaint to HSBC about the Liverpool branch. got confirmation from a lovely guy called Owen at Cardiff that Liverpool should deal with it all.

Went out for Pizza last night, it's also serving as breakfast this morning.
AAARGH. I just want a bit more money / loan / overdraft so I can quit my stupid job, and catch up with my MA, so I have a chance in hell of finishing what I've put some much work into with smething half decent.

All they can recommend is that I re-apply for a loan with a covering letter TO CARDIFF because it's my branch, and no, I can't change branches because they all work of a central computer, and there's no point.

if I could change my branch then just maybe I coould have had a descison today, and not wait 4 / 5 days (post + weekend + red tape bullshit)

stupid crap HSBC
(sorry about the swearing)