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This is the stuff they should teach in schools

Due to uneven classroom grouping I only ever did one term of 'food technology' in school (I did 3 of CDT so I'm a dab hand at badly cutting mdf with a band saw) - and that one semester was entirely pasta related (apart from a 'Easter' cake at the end which I dedicated to Kurt Cobain, which warranted a concerned word to my mother at the parents evening, my mother to her credit said the cake was delicious and she too was sad at the passing of Nirvana's lead singer)
Anyway in however many weeks of pasta related horrors (Pasta salads warmed by the musty school bus on the way home, a pasta stir fry that was never repeated) never did we actually make a decent pasta dish. Certainly not one to this caliber:
(adapted from a vegan friendly pinterest board - made un-vegan again but infinitely adaptable) Serves 2
Fry an onion, or two in a big saucepan / saute pan Add garlic - lots of it (5 cloves perhaps)
Once that's softened add: 2 cups of veg stock 1.5 cups of milk (any kind…

Long Life Food stuff

Until Brit turned 12 months and we started him on cow's milk I hadn't given the long life section of the supermarket any thought - unless I needed a specific thing for baking I just kind of skipped past it. As we were moving him from formula to cow's milk (which was no bother, but he's robust like that, if he even noticed the difference from the Hipp Organic. He didn't seem to notice the difference when we moved from my milk to formula so I'm not sure why I was surprised).

It just so happened that moving to cows milk coincided with a trip to Barcelona to visit mum, and since UHT is what everyone else uses we went with that - and haven't really looked back. So now we're happy in UHT Whole milk land (and it really does make life easier if you can buy it in bulk and use it as you need it) I've spent more and more time in the long life isle working out what else they have.

We developed a system of 'snack packs' a little while ago - encompassing th…

Persistant case of the Walkies

Brit is home from nursery with chicken pox - although apart form the spots he isn't remotely ill. We're holed up in the living room watching Star Wars for the first time (since his favourite books at the moment are these). I'm trying to do some work.

Pete is busy planning for the launch of Service Station Coffee on Monday so there's bit of paper, wood working projects and the like strewn around, hence trying to keep Brit in one room. Brit has other ideas.

In the space of 20 minutes he has done the following:

Brought me his shoesBrought me his reinsTried to put on his socks himselfTried to put on his reins himselfPut on his iron man backpackTried to put on his hoodie himself (this led to some impromtue peek-a-boo)Walked up to me and waved 'bye bye' repeatedlyBanged on the living room door (which he is so very close to being able to open of his own accord)Brought me Pete's cowboy bootsTried to put on Pete's cowboy boots himselfKept pulling my arm away from…