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#WearnKitchenMakeover - Bedding In

I don't remember what the old kitchen was like! For the 2nd time this week Pete and I had tea at the kitchen table - there's so much more space, and flow.Cooking is a joy, the beast of an oven is being tamed and we're almost done sorting things out and putting things away.We've changed some things, got rid of the massive cooker hood that sucked all the joy and light out of the room but everything else fits nicely.The floor to celing bookcase still needs to be built and there's a vintage angelpoise lamp on the way. Really though it's minor things, it's pretty much done - and it's perfect =D

"Tastes like Sadness"

I was sold at a review that said "texture of a cheap sponge, and tasted like sadness but my boyfriend liked it :')"Pete is out, Brit is asleep and work has been hard and long and even after a tasty Spanish Omlette and Salad for tea I still had a cake shaped whole in my life.I contemplated proper cake baking but didn't fancy the clean up - even if tgey new kitchen layout makes that a lot easier so I figured it's time to try a mug cake.[5 mins later, including googling time]Yep, that is cake - I wonder why no one has started selling 'cup o' cake' like tasty cup of soup.It's not great cake, but I've made worse with more effort and I have a little bit of that warm cakey hug.Maybe something to be refined, maybe I should just make more / better cakes - I made a satsuma upside down cake the other day and having slices of that was little slices of sunshine.

#WearnKitchenMakeover - Cooking on Gas!

We have an oven back - oh gosh I'd missed having an over - I was starting to go a little bit crazy - especially since our good intentions to start with - raclette, slow cookers and by week 3 it was microwave meals and takeaway. I'll be happy not to see another pizza box till NYE (Where Pete is off playing a gig and I get to look after the boy)

So, we have a 'new' oven (and by new we mean brought off ebay for £150 from an angry man in Wallsall) - it's a might beast of a thing - but it's glorious. It's also blimmin' efficient (which you wouldn't expect if you'd have paid £1K new for it)

Of course, it would be that on the Friday night it was installed we spent so long starting to put things away we actually ended up getting a takeaway - because our planned toad in the hole would have taken too long (and when we had it for Sunday lunch it was amazing)- but the cake I baked the next morning for Clandestine Cake Clubs Sweet Shopped themed event was a gr…

#WearnKitchenMakeover - End in sight

It's almost all there - the tiler has finished, the 2nd plumber we got came in and oversaw attaching the new oven and we're fully in the throws of sorting the chaos back into tidy, labelled drawers.

It's looking good, the space we needed is now there - and the layout works - we had to re-jig a few things as we moved the furniture in, but site lines work, and it felt really good yesterday where Pete was cooking a toad in the hole and I was putting away plates in the colourful storage (that obviously was a bit of a memory jog for a lot of people judging by the facebook likes) - Brit was in a high chair and it all worked - no jostling, no tempers fraying - it was really nice.

We think we have enough storage, I'm using more of the brand new space in the utility more then I thought I would straight away - mainly for 'party' items - and we have a crate full o'booze but we're also being ruthless with getting rid of things - and that filing cabinet is amazing …

#wearnkitchenmakeover - getting there

The trades are done, the oven works, tiles looks pretty, floor is wipeable, furniture is in (and bigger then we rememeber) but it's getting there!!