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Birthday Cake - Carcassonne Style

DSCF3485, originally uploaded by wormella. birthday cake makes me happy at the best of times - making my own birthday cake also makes me happy, making on in the style of my favourite German tile based strategy game ...

I have icing left over, I may yet attempt meeple covered cup cakes...

(I also had an awesome birthday, lovely presents and a fantastic night out in Stafford - Pete and I are off to Liverpool to to theatre and a swanky hotel and then it's BCN next week)

Thanks everyone for all the Birthday wishes and cards, I'm off to eat more cake for breakfast

Coffee Break Espaniol!

I should also point out that along with attending the body beautiful, I'm also redoubling my efforts to learn Spanish. Jess and I are off to visit my folks at the end of the month, part birthday celebration , part realising that I've not seen my folks in a year. Pete, alas, doesn't have any more holiday to take (we might be able to grab some days somewhere maybe next week) So I'm taking Jess, whose never been to Barcelona and it will be interesting to see it through new eyes.
As long as we don't do what Pete and I did first time we went, tick off the 20 things you must do in BCN the rough guide, in the space of a week. We needed a Holiday to get over it, it should be fine. She already has a limit of 1 trip to Zara or H&M a day....
Anyway, I found Coffee Break Spanish podcasts through iTunes and they are awesome, much friendlier then the Independent ones and they have THE BEST theme tune ever on a podcast.
Hasta Luego!

Keepin' Healthy #gamedevdiet

At some point I'm sure I mentioned the dawning realisation that I needed to lose some weight, be a bit healthier and maybe find some hobbies that weren't so reliant on sitting in front of a screen. Pete is in the same boat, it turns out that living the Rock and Roll lifestyle isn't all that good for you.

So we brought some scales, Pete started running again, and I sorted out a new pass to the uni gym, and loaded up my EA Active Personal Trainer convinced she was going to yell at me. It wasn't doing an awful lot to help but baby steps.

That was last month, this month we're really giving it our all - Pete started keeping a food diary and we've both swapped to using the awesome LiveStrong website ( that tracks and charts everything, and I mean everything. We've really cut down on alcohol, by swapping to non alcoholic beer (Becks Blue is nice, Bavaria 0,0 is really, really nice).

Pete's started climbing, he's brought a magazine a…