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Vintage NomBook - Jean Conil's Cookery Classes

Author: Jean Conil Date: 1957
Published: Arco Publications
I picked this up in Oxfam, I couldn't resisit it, I'm a sucker for anything from the 1950's-70's - so easy to understand, so straight to the point - this is even better, it's arranged in a selection of classes, each tackeling a different skills or food stuff- so it may even be useful..

I also decided to do a quick Google for Jean, expecting a sensible housewife - and here he is, silly French and their confisuing names...

It also has this tantelising advert on the back for another must have cookbook:

Adapting to a new kitchen & @staffscakeclub

We've moved house, which is great - because the house we've brought (like proper grown ups) has got a massive kitchen - in a slightly odd configuration - but it's huge, with exciting things like plugs, and worktop space, and space for a table. The old owners even left a massive bookcase perfect for the cookbooks

We've been in the new house a couple of months, but that have also been mentally buys months so I haven't really done much cooking, let alone big scale baking. I did make a grape jelly the other day, but that was more because I was annoyed we weren't eating the grapes in the fridge and I was in a waste-not want-not kind of mood. It's also handy having Charlotte up the street who could lend me a straining bag, even if we had to google picture to work out to the assemble it (also, only 1 out of 3 supermarkets in Stafford had pectin! I had to send Pete to Tesco on his way home.)
Anyway, a weekend without major things to do resulted in some serious baking…

When life gets in the way of blogging...

I'm not entirely sure how it came to be April, the first quarter of 2013 has gone a bit quick. I suppose some updates are in order:

We're all moved into our new house - there's a whole gallery of pics up on my Facebook  but we've given up the keys to the old one in The O.G., got our deposit back and settled into our lovely new house. Thank you to everyone that sent cards, house warming presents and good wishes to us, and thank you to the gods of buying houses and moving furniture that they smiled down upon us (well, taking a small sacrifice of the glass in the cocktail bar, but it will rise again)

We finally have Internet again - ok, we've had it for a few weeks, but it took a month to sort out, and I think this is the first spare minute I've had to write anything. while we didn't have any internet - it naturally knocked out my Steam collection for a while I reaslied I was only 2 expansions away from completing my entire set of Sims 2 stuff - and since I'…