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So - Exciting times in the Wearn household. We worked out a while ago that pete wouldn't be able to get to Hanley for work in time on a Sunday - so we finally aquiesed and brought a car. The red cube thing - A 12 year old Fiat Shit-quinchento. And it didn't work - overheated, made sounsds like death rattles and had a funny switch on the front dashboard. Since nither of us had any faith in it getting Pete to hanley - the reason we brought on in the first place, we spent yesterday (apart from a quick trip to the garden center to test drive the newly 'fixed' fiat) going around car delerships in Stafford. Anyhow - we have a new car - sounds healthier - looks better - Jobs a good un'.
An Exciting day! Our compost bin arrived yesterday and the washing machine arrives today!! Ok, so maybe not that exiciting but I don't remeber the last time I ever had a washing machine that wasn't gunky and old!!

The garden is taking shape - Pete is edging a flower bed with some bricks we found behind the shed as I type, and now we have some chairs and table we've been eating brekfast outside - delightful.
Someone on the Stafford Forum posted a link to a wonderful ariel map site and
So now all the pople who have asked, but haven't yet been to our wonderous new house can get a feel for our surroundings!I've also been cyling to and from work and just this morning found an easier, hill free way to work via even more of Stafford's lovely cycle paths.Everythings pretty much unpacked, we're ready and sorted for guests to stay and we're enjoying the sunshine and best of all having a garden to enjoy the sunshine in!!!