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Grown up portraits for the price of a pint

One of the lovely things about Stafford is it's a nice little hub for creatives - and these things mean getting professional photos done in a pop up portrait studio set up at the back of your usual pub for less then a price of a couple of pints is a fairly normal thing.

Kate at Shoot This Media took them (after convincing me her backdrop would look great) and a lot of jiggery pokery with lights so my glasses didn't look too shiny. There's been a few things recently where I've needed a decent photo and it's very nice to have up to date ones.
I might even be convinced to change my regular 'batgirl or an avatar' on twitter, maybe...

Alexa say huh?

I'm enjoying having an amazon echo in the house, and I really like the ability to add things to a shopping list - but clearly something has gone amiss...

Unless I really did ask Alexa to add 'Razor Pheasant' to the shopping list this morning.

If anyone would like to suggest what I did actually ask Alexa to add to shopping lists at 6:30am answers on a post card please....