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Well if nothing else all this job application filling in has given me a eye for a good form to fill in. Currently in the post / along the digital airwaves are application's for jobs at:

Plymouth college of art and design,
Huddersfield Uni,
Warrington Colliegiate,
Liverpool Community College,
Leeds Met,
Uni of Central Lancashire
Salford uni

I'm sure there's more. I have a feeling my application wouldn't be welcomed at the newly re advertised swansea post so I'm not bothering. They passed their chance up on me last time so no 2nd chances for them - fools! Wonder why they rejected everyone else.
Sad news from the dwindaling fish tank. Bye bye Damien.

He was fine this morning, a little bit sluggish and with evidence of very nasty tail rot. The problem with this hot weather is any kind of illness just spirals out of control before you can do anything about it.

He was fine this morning. I just had a look before I headed off to work and he was on the bottom of the tank, on his side, no moving. He didn't fight when I pulled him out so I buried him outside not far from Gilbert.

The tank is looking very empty now, and I'm keeping a watchful eye on Ulysees and Adolf.
Tonight we're going to sacrifice the first bit of veg ever to grown in the flat. We've a mexican night planned and our sole ripened chilli is going into it.

Thats it there, on the right of the picture in case you hadn't guessed. we've got loads of green ones growing nicely, but this is the first proper red hot one.

We're proud anyway.
Hafs-a-Palooza 2006

Ok, so it's a little over a month before my birthday but I can tell everyones getting excited about it already, and why wouldn't you, I'm Great!!!!

well, ok, a few people have asked what I would like for my birthday, so here's a list and some links.

As ever, my Amazon wish list is up-to-date - Yes there are more cookbooks, and I know everyone says we have enough cookbooks but the list is only covering gaps I think are in our library. There isn't much in the way of priority (I want it all)

I'm still a big fan of vouchers: H&M, Peopletree, or indeed anywhere else you think I might like. We don't buy so many DVD's any more but HMV or Virgin Vouchers are always welcome.

There are a few slightly strangers requests. WestCountry Wormaries sell a worktop sized wormery That would let me do some recycaling / composting at home. Etsy also has lots of pretty, funky home made things that are pretty cool. An old friend from school has started up a …