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Pete and I went to Cosford

2011-03-27 12.52.30, originally uploaded by wormella. Woot! Planes - who doesn't love a lovely free museum full of exciting planes, cause we do. And excellent Sunday afternoon day trip (we even managed to swing by Waitrose on the way home to pick up some yummy pies for dinner) - Which all happily coincided with the first proof of concept of a multiplayer game between me, Pete, Gaz and in theory dad, who has a far more exciting life then we do and therefore was busy and couldn't make it. And we've been playing this on Steam..

(feel free to buy it, add us on Steam and join us in the skies sometime)

Vintage NomBook - Around America, a cookbook for young people

I'm not sure what makes this a cookbook for young people, but it's a lovely collection of recipes from different sections of the USA

Deep dish Peach Pie