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Showing posts from January, 2006
Ok, I know I should be doing work / tidying the bedroom but I logged into my Yahoo account for the first time in ages and found myslef paying with the avatar function. So Here's my little Rygby fan me, all ready for Saturdays game (even though I'm in work and will thusly miss it)
Anyway - the knock on effect is that I no want to play sims...and not do housewifely things.
Purple Lamb Banana Sorry - I ment to post this the other day. He's quite a striking shade of purple in a funky matte style.
Well, happy new year everybody! I'm back in work, which is nice and a pleasent relief from mooching around the flat / volunteering.

Anyway, in a diversion tactic form washing up / putting alundry away I've updated the site a little - a few more pictures here, some up to date info there. As a break from tradition I didn't take loads of pictures over Christmas, but there's some family convergance picture and a few from Halloween.

Thats it really, suppose I better put the laundry away - I can't keep putting ti off as amusing an idea as that is. Make it look like I've done something worthwhile since I got back from college and before we go off to the theater.