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Yesterday we realied we we were old - well, at least not kids anymore.

We're sat in Quiggin's cafe bar. We have to be cool just be association, suerly. Anyway theres a load of 16/17 year olds with PSP's. thier not released for a few days yet and it took us a little while to twig they were selling them, or at least marketing them (in fact the kind of stunt I might have dremt up If I'd have got a job with making waves). There were a couple of cool guys and a girl just pretty enough so you'd look twice but not so pretty youd rule her out (this is according to Pete). They show the PSPs to everyone in a 'hey dude - wanna have a look' -thats everyone but us.

Pete thought it was very funny the one person in the room who would probably be best interested in it compleatly galnced over because I assume we don't fit thier profile. Ofcourse they may well have overheard me discuss th high rate of dead pixels, the easy scratchable/ smudgebale screen, the slightly dodg…
I handed in and presented the final part of my MA yesterday, which explains when I've been so quiet.

Now I've finished uni (and it would appear full time education for good) I'm hopeful to get a job, lecturing in computer games, in fact I've got an ineterview for just such a post Next week or so.

I wont get my results for a little while, but I'm confident I've passed! It's just strange to not have to think about school / university for the first time in almost 20 years!

I'm a very tierd little bunny today, massive weight off my shoulders though.
At the end of the week I'll effectivly be out of full time education for the first time in almost 20 years!

Do you know how scary that is?
And so, with the purchase of a pasta machine in scope this morning we really have reached the limit of 'everything we could ever possibly need to buy for the kicthen' You name it, we have it - impressive really, we just have to remember to use it all now!

The continental markets in town so we've just had a french present esqu lunch of fresh bread, juicy olives and nice artisan cheese, Very lovely stuff. Ooh and it's the farmers market on saturday and the veg box should be here any second! This ethical living things a bit of an alright really!

We also made some new art for the flat, more funky bottles from the bar and an Elvis poster.

Exciting News, Jess got into the Uni of her choice, so she's off to Northumbria in September, and Pete starts work at Starbucks on Wednesday, providing Whittards don't give him a job first. It's all go around here.

We also have a date for the final year show - September 12th at Fact, more details avilable on request, Mum and…
Fathers 4 Justice have set up around the corner .. again. Last time they left Batman up a crane for four days, he only went up for an afternoon, and then only came down when the crane was struck by lighting for a second time. I wonder if Spidy will fare any better!

Do you think theres a really nerdy campaigner that spemds ages making exact replicas of really obscure super-hero costumes only to be laughed at by the rest of them?

I'm sure they think sitting on top of the magistrates court is the way forward, not sure I agree but ever mind.

Our fridge is impressivly full at the moment, We've got Charlotte, Doug and Evie staying the night and we went a little bit nuts in Asda last night, confirming we shouldn't be allowed in supermarkets, not that I didn't go a bit nuts last time I was at the farmers market, but this is just silly! New draining rack brightens up the kitchen a bit though.

Talking of shopping at stuff, brought a LCD monitor at long last. got very fed up with the…
Some randomly exciting news, well for me anyway. While I don't really care who or how many pople visit the site, it's always nice to know. July's figures were double June, and August looks set to be just as good. It would appear re-jigging the site, adding the blog and stuff has been worth it!!!

No news on the job front, the closing date for Swansea and Warrington have both closed so I'm hopeful to hear something soon. busy cnavassing Liverpool for a new job for Pete, glad he and James have inally got the guts to leave Nero, lovely shop, lovely coffee slightly questionable working practices.I'm not a big one for fashion, especially not transient stuff but I've been eyeing up boy scouts / trucker shirts for a while and I finally found one that wasn't boys junior or a size 8 (so it actually fits over my hefty chest) A bit of an impusle buy I admit, but never mind, I've not brought that much of late, I'll justify it later!!The flat's looking swish, …
Well thats my birthday money spent, well some of it anyway. In case you were wondering it when on:
American Gothic on DVD A Bagle Guillotine Al-la The O.C. The first Latin Playboys CD Bruce Cambell's Autobiography 'If Chins Could Kill'. Oh, and my 'Video games made me do it' t-shirt So thats me, a happy bunny and probably the last spending spree I can do for a while, or until I get a job anyway, what with Pete having quite Nero, and the enchewing domino effect of James quitting as well.
Feeling quite nautical today, but mainly it's due to my stripy breton top that was a pressie from Pete's folks. The flats still a tip by the way, not having sorted out our 15 mins a day routine, and because the living room is now taken up with two huge speakers. We've got an inspection next week so it all has to be tidy by then.