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Thoughts and Things from London

I've been in the big smoke for Wild Rumpus #5 - It was as awesome as you'd imagine but this post isn't about that.

If I'm London I'm often there at slightly strange times, or with a lot of till to kill before a train. To get cheap tickets there and back this last weekend was no exception. I was also on my own, Pete being busy - although I did drag Olly along since he's now a native to London. Anyway, some observations from my 9 miles of walking around the place being distracted by blue plaques...

(in no particular order)

Isn't it slightly odd the the British Library has a bookshop? You'll be glad to know they do sell book shaped rubbers with the British library on them. I'd have been heart broken if they hadn't capitalised on that bit of merchandise.

I'm pretty sure Joseph Gramaldi's grave is the most depressing grave, in the most depressing park in London, although if he spent his last years alone and as an alcoholic, oddly fitting.


New Year, New Rules

Aaah, new years resolutions, such a time for optimism and self improvement, all the better if you can do them as part of a team. A few years ago I had a new year's resolution, to use my cookbooks more - and Eat Your Books has been marvelous at reaching that goal, it's only a few years delayed, but that and having them in arms length of the kitchen table has also been great.

So this year, we have 3, all of which are kind of food related

No drinking alcohol on a 'school night' - We'll ignore the fact that Pete doesn't work in the kind of job where he actually get's a weekend and see if we can manage consumption, and costs a little. Switching to boxes of wine a little while ago was a big help too.Vegan Mondays - Since our diet is pretty much meat free anyway - sometimes there is fish and I'll eat meat if I fancy it when we go out we thought trying to have a Vegan meal every Monday would be a good thing. I can go back to having exciting experiments with Tofu …