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What a lovely few days - it's been nice and sun, and I think I've caught the sun a little. I've been in work, but ast least it pays the bills. I brought James from work home with me yesterday and we fed him nice food and drank beer in the garden. He ended up staying the night because he missed the last train. ~ Sorry!

And today we were both in work -very odd to start at the same time. Work was dead so we stayed 3 hours, managed to squeeze in lunch together and got sent home. Being such a nice day we headed first to H&M to buy things to change into and lie about in the sun on the grass outside the three graces. Liverpool is a lovely city in the right light.

Now we've got a silly night of DVD's ahead of us, but for the moment it's listen agin to Sorry I haven't a Clue!!!!!

Charlotte, Doug and Evie should be visiting tomorrow - can't wait.
There's pictures up from the parade thing last night. Amazing amount of people there. Check the pictures of places link at the top.
Well, Star Wars - not as dissapointed as I thought I'd be. (How's that for glowing praise) - It's quite good really., I rather enjoyed it. I felt like Star Wars.

Had a lovely day with Pete ysterday - He's got a new coat, lovely leather one, very good quality and a bargine from a charity shop. I'm facing the sad relaity I'm going to have to replace my green one at some point.

Really second day of riding to uni today - since it doesn't lkook like rain or anything, but first to make some sarnies.

Well done Liverpool for winning, we didn't need to watch the match, we just managed to get the highlight's through the wall from the party next door. We'll probably go see the parade later.
well I would have cycled if it hadn't had started raining. I'm eating salad to make us for it. Mmmm aduki beans!!
I cycled into Uni for the first time yesterday - I'm about to do the same again today (now it's stopped looking like it's about to rain) One thing for Liverpool, it's really not bike freindly, all those cars!!! I really just wan't a T-Shirt that says something like 'Cars are Scary' or 'You sure you want me on the roads...I'm not very good at this'

I can't say I feel all that much healthier, mind you I'm still full from the Creol Inspired Feast the other night.

Got a Los Lobos CD through the post, just waiting for the Latin Playboys CD then I think I'll be satisifed (for a bit) on the mexian music splurge. Good Summery stuff.

Project not withstanding We've got a busy time of it over the next few weeks, Pete's off home this week, We're off to London for a family convergance in a few weeks. Then there's Taj Mahal and Brian Wilson in June! Yeah, I like being busy, makes me feel like a real person.

Off to see Star Wars tonight…
Preying mantis are icky! Pete had the morning off so we mooched around town and looked at the new Museum.

This is also the closest place for us to buy fair trade coffe and tea - bizarre but true.

Other exciting news, we bought a BBQ, it's a lovely little barrel thing and we're planning BBQ-related activities on the weekend. It's a shame it won't stay shiny for long!
THANK YOU - A massive hug to Tamu8 from the Gorum for the squishy computer stress thingy. Who'd have thought pc's could be so aerodynamic!!!!

I've done the washing up, there really should be a word to describe the sad little frission of joy you get when you realise you've done a task just in time to watch Neighbours.

I did some photo-taking this morning and well as some pictures of Bristol, there's some more pictures around Liverpool. There's fewer Bristol pics then I thought, you'll find them in the Uni friends bit.

We're off to see Melinda and Melinda tonight, I really can't remember the last time I saw a Woody Allen film. I just hope my dislike of Will Ferral doesn't colour the film for me.
My Yahoo Launch cast has been playing up all morning, lord knows why it think I want to listen to the theme from Top Gun?

I'm being easily distracted today, spent a good few minutes working out if I could get a Tampa Bay Buccaneras Replica shirt with Williams onthe back in budget (It should only cost £50 - maybe with some birthday money perhaps)

Maybe I should go home and do housewifely things / make my sims do housewifely things whilw the flat descends into further mess.
Well that was a fun day at work .. well, no it wasn't and my new trainers still make my feet ache (or maybe it's standing up and serving for 10 hours?) Anyway A cold beer soon sortes that out.

More exciting is my new Cd. I only ordered it yesterday morning. El Marachis and Mexico, the Robert Rodrigues collection that inspired the Mariachi triplogy. IT's great, feeding my need for dirty mexican music in a way Les Tigres Del Nortes never could. My NarcoCorrido book arrived today - woot!! I would have sat outside with a beer to read it but it's a little bit windy.

Now if I could just get hold of my parents in Spain all would be well in the world, how dare they have a social life?
I'm back! Playful subjects was good fun, nice food, interesting points, lovely people etc. Quite a nice Youth Hostle they've got in Bristol, fairly impressive breakfast, but not as nice as Barry's sounded (he stayed at the Marriot around the corner - they had Black Pudding for breakfast)

What I do like is the old adadge 'And The Geek shall Inherit the Earth' really is true. All you have to mention is a full set of Buffy comics, or you used to chair a roleplaying gropup and you've still got your dice and doors fling open. Great Stuff. Who knew studying sci-fi could have proved so useful.

I still have this lovely dream that getting a job at Lionhead or something wouldn't rest on the letters after my name, or my obvious perfectness for the job, but a really jammy D20 roll in a fight against Molyneux.
Hmm, Pete's ordering a pizza as I type - good lad! It's a shame Domino's doesn't deliver to this address, As lovely as The American Pizza Slice is, not quite as naughty as I was in the mood for. Ho Hum, T-Minus 40- mins till Pizza Joy!


My watch broke, my first grown up watch (the swatch one I brought on the way back from France a few years back to stop Pete from teasing me about not bing able to tell the time) . Anyway, according to the bloke in Timpson's the battery wasn't dead, the watch was. Cue frantic running around town in the 2 hour gap between finishing work at 3 and meeting Pete at 5, all this without a watch to look at to check I wan't being late, worse still for some reason I'd left my mobile phone in the bathroom (??) so I found myself detouring past the big screen outside Tesco's just to check the time.

I did see a few watches I liked in Argos, but since money was tight I headed to the Index closing down sale and they had nothing I co…
I was going to update this blog with all the old entries, but I really can't be bothered, especially since so many of them are out of date! So this is a fresh new start for the front page.


Had a bit of a crap day in work, well, up until the last half hour anyway. Grrr, stupid lawyers from EXL, 3 of them trooped in twice with a load of bin bags that had somehow found their way into their bin. They were so proud they'd had chance to go through them and everything - This suggests to me their not busy, which may, or may not imply their not very good.


Just spell checked this, the Blog's own spell checker doesn't recognise Blog as a word - that made me chuckle!!


Site Updates - Some more pictures of Liverpool and the river Mersey - in the photos of places section.
They've painted to LambBanana green, something to do with foster care. very strange, it just makes it look unripe!

In similar news their doing something strange to the statue in Exchange Square. (the square round the back of the town hall)This is where they've just announced Penthouses should sell for £2 million quid.

Pete and I can't work out if it's art or it's just being cleaned!