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It's cold and windy outside. Uni seems very quiet and I've just looked at the clock and noticed it's well passed elevenses.

Maybe Greg would like a hot chocolate...
Oh, and I brought this t-shirt from the sale at Howies. It amused me more then any t-shirt I've seen recently, and with the ultra relaxed dress code at Staffs it's nice to have something that doesn't have Nintendo mushrooms or geeky gaming / coding / film refences.

Also, the people at Howies are lovely, and describe themselves as "Cardigan Bay's 3rd biggest clothing company." I really promise this is the last thing I'll buy myself before Christmas. I've even started cursory christmas shopping. Any requests, ideas etc drop me a line, or alternitivly just link me to your Amazon wishlist.
When I finally get around to making breakfast I'm going to start making Plum Pudding in time for Christmas.

Most surprised to find it doesn't actually have any plums in it! I should have guessed really. I suppose figgy pudding doesn't have figs in it either. Stupid English language and it's silly confusing names.
Well - that was a successful shopping trip!

Not only did Tesco's have Cauldron sausages (Linconshire AND Cumberland - I stocked up, alas still no sight of all those other exciting flavours) but there was a continental market so I had chance to buy obscene amounts of lovely cheese, nice bread and have a kangaroo burger and a glass of Hungarian mulled wine for lunch.

In keeping with the continental feel - I found Jeans!!!! - finally. This has been a bit of an on going hunt - it actually took a large part of yesterday's shopping up as well. I no way does this mean I'm turning down Hannah's kind offer of rooting through her soon-to-be-cleared-out wardrobe but I finally found a pair of well cut, thick, normal wasted, sensible coloured jeans - under budget no less. Zara came out tops, a size 12!! £10 and a size smaller then the runner up Esprit 'star cut' jeans - whatever star cut means. Gap almost won me over but I get confused in Gap, I still don't understand th…
OOh - veggie sauasges update - according to Cauldron the do loads of exciting veggie sausages - but why do they all come in packs of 5? It's really annoying!! not to mention the fact I'm hard pressed to find any of them in Liverpool!
It's really cold - that's my main excuse for not updating anyone recently - oh, and I've been busy! Work's Fab, everything else is groovy. teh gorum meet / shopping trip went well and Pete's comming home later to cook Sunday dinner (If I get off my butt, get dressed, brave the artic winds and buy veggie sausages that is. I might have a proper hunt for Cauldron Linconshire sausages and not Quorn Bangers.