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Showing posts from September, 2005
OOh, look, pretty new coat. I didn't mean to buy it, I just saw it in Oxfam Originals today - knowing full well it wouldn't be there next time I went in, since all the students have thier loan checks in and such.

And think of all the starving orphens I helped!

Work still going well, and we sold another book on Green Metropolis today - great stuff.

Now if somone would just like to buy me the nice boots I like in Ew look I'll be a very happy bunny indeed!!
Thats two books sold is as many days on Green Metropolis. More importantly another £6 in the bank and some more room on our cluttered shelves.

If only I didn't have to walk all the way into town to post it, and I could just popo accross the car park to the handy post office on old hall street, how easier things were then.
And so, I have a job. It turns out I interviewd very well at Warrington, so well that despite the fact they've decided against runnigng the Games course, they'd still like me to try my hand at some lecturing.

it's only partt time, so another pat time job beckons, but the experience will be wonderful.

So yeah me!