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Late night Jam Making Adventures

We had  a bumper grape harvest from the two vines in the back garden this year - since last years attempt at wine is still bubbling away somewhere (it's probably vinegar by now, also useful) I thought I'd turn it into jam. I underestimated this as an undertaking
I joked once about making jam during the time it took my students to makes games in a 48hr games jam - I haven't done that yet but I am trying to turn this haul of grapes from the into jam - I have not planned this well.

I picked the grapes on Sunday - It took me significantly longer to prep and turn these grapes into juice to work from - but I got 5.7lt (10 pints) of grape juice in the end - luckily I had some large jugs left over from student cocktail making days to house it in.

A shout out to Pete at this point who had to swing by Tesco on Tuesday night and buy all the jam sugar they had to hand after appropriately running a jam night - All hail 24hrs supermarkets. It took me until then to pick them all and boil th…