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Gilbert the fish was found dead, at the bottom of the tank this morning.

It's a bit of a shock, didn't think he was ill, but never mind, there you go, that's fish for you.

It's all my own fault, I put off giving them a proper clean until I had a bit of spare time (mainly this morning). he couldn't have been dead long. He's now buried underneath some bull-dog daiseys out the back. I've no idea if he would have liked it but I thought it was pretty.

The wright stuff had a pet psychic on, who would read your pet if you e-mailed a picture in. Pete suggested I send in a picture of Gilbert to test her!

Save for Gilbert's sad dimse the rest of the fish look happy and the plant life is thriving in the flat. all the herbs look good, the chilli plants are in flower and Spike the cactus has another new growth thingy. I'll update the household page with up to date pictures.

In other news... my orthopedic insole things came on the same day I brought some pretty summer…
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Didn't get the Stafford Job
Didn't mess up the interview like I did Swansea
Came 3rd so I'm first reserve ... and there's still a glimmer of hope
I only have to bump off one person and the job is mine!!
Phone charged, check
DS charged, check
Degree Certificate & stuff to say I did my MA but JMU are slow at sending out certificates, Check?
Bit of teaching material I may or may not show, Check
Presentation and supporting documents, check

So why does a job interview at Stafford seem to make me much more nervous then any other job interview I've done?

Well, I'll let you know how it goes, wish me luck!!
Fairly productive day - the spare room looks a bit better now anyway - cleared loads of stuff, freecycled the old, old PC that kind of thing.

Now to sort out the giant mound of laundry in the living room!