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Polish food retrospective

Everything we ate was great - I remember that, but everywhere - meat, lots and lots of meat (and mayonnaise in weird squeezy bottles like udders) - and perogi - fried dumplings. Oh and beer so cheap and so strong I needed to have a lie down after 2 cans.

More then anything, I've realised a cultural shift. Every supermarket around us has a polish section, and we've two polish mini markets in walking distance. Before now they held a vague, foreign, almost sophisticated allure - I'm so cool I'm  buying stuff I can't even pronounce and no idea how to cook - looks at my quasi alternative lifestyle (we used to do the same in Liverpool with the Chinese supermarkets). But now have knowledge- I know how things should be cooked, I know what things should and shouldn't have meat in, I understand flavours and I know what I'm looking for, so if something is cheap in the 'eat me before I die section' of a supermarket - where the sad things no one else lives goes t…

Thor smash...

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Food Diary Blogs no more

For months I've had written on my todo list app the following :

Write food diary blog of Poland
Write food diary blog of Spain

And you may have noticed I haven't. I had the best of  intentions, I even took some photos in Poland of food but it didn't flow, and reading back of my German food diary- its cringe worthy. You probably don't care at all at the best of times, you surely don't care what I had to eat kin a specific day, at a specific time. So here some retrospective I suppose.

Germany -I fell in love with a country and I learnt one thing - I fucking love pretzels. True to form I haven't used the pretzel shaped cookie cutter I brought as a souvenir, but then I'm useless at using cookie cutters, but if I could work out a way to eat pretzels day in day out I would.

Source: via Nia on Pinterest

Well I have, I've got recipes to, make my own, I even brought a Bavarian cookbook I'm just lazy and still a tiny bit put off by anythin…

Snowball Fight?

This gave me a bit of a fright - I'm pretty sure this is an (impressively thrown I might add) snowball that just hit my 2nd floor study window. I'm not entirely sure where they threw it from - I didn't even think there was enough snow out there yet for a snowball fight.

I hate snow - have I mentioned this?

London / Restaurant Tube Map

Awesome 3D Printed Cookie Cutters

I think I know what my Christmas money is being spent on...

Etsy shop - Warpzone
Wired Article