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Reddit Snack Exchange

I've had hits and misses with Reddit Gift Exchanges but I signed up for the Snack exchange and sent some typically British tea time treats to somewhere in the states.  Since you never know what you might get in return, and your gifter is not your giftee  it's exciting.

Anyway, After the Born in the Borderlands Music Video a few of us have taken over the running of the community wardrobe, and so my friend Danielle turns up to a day of sorting with a big cake box going "This is a bit strange, but someone of the internet commissioned this cake for you - He said it was to do with Reddit"

And here is my snack exchange cake, from Uber Angel Cupcakes - made to look like the reddit snack logo, made from Mississippi mudpie cake with raspberry jam, paid for by someone who tracked me on Facebook and seen I'm commented on one of Dannielle's other amazing cakes.

The Internet can be a wonderful, delicious place to be.

Born in the Borderlands / Live at the Vaults

It's been a crazy few weeks - awesome but crazy. Last night we celebrated the launch of .44Pistol's 2nd album, Live at the Vaults - recorded as the Market Vaults reopened last year. That in it's self was a crazy, busy night, and last night was even more so, because last night we also premièred the music video for Born in the Borderlands we worked on, and shot, at the Market Vaults, a couple of weekends ago.
Link to buy the Album Live at the Vaults by 44 Pistol The Amazing Music video
and you can get a sense of last night's energy and craziness here:

Post by .44 pistol.
I'm a very proud wife this morning and we really have the most amazing community of friends in Stafford, we're lucky to live amongst such great and wonderful people.