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Fantasy by Design: The Unfulfilled Vision of a Unique Architect Read more:

Awesome Pictures form the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona - I think a revisit is long over due when I head back to BCN at the end of the month with Jess.

How to Play Monkey-Pirate-Robot-Ninja-Zombie

Cook Book Heaven

I've been doing some tidying to the kitchen and giving it a bit of love, since we haven't really thought about how we're going to use the pantry - it's a bit cramped to keep food there.
Anyway, it now houses the ever expanding cookbook collection, it's getting a new shelf to host some more and everything!

Birthday wish #1

My current thoughts on cinema summed up...

I'm writing this with the iPad

... And this cartoon from the excellent The Oatmeal rather sums it all up..

World Cup Boycott #anti_worldcup

I'm back from an awesome holiday and the fact that it's World Cup 2010 has hit hard, not because I care about football (I don't, I really don't) but because you can't escape it. This year is worse then ever so an idea I was playing around yesterday has taken a little bit more form.

I'm boycotting services, products, companies etc that are using the World Cup to market their products. Just for the duration of the games - so Until 11th of July.

I don't have anything against the games exactly, it isn't news, despite what they want us to think, and I hope everyone who follows it has a great time doing, but I'm opting out.

You can join us, click on the title of this blog and it will take you to the facebook group, or use the twitter hashtag #anti_worldcup

I can at least drink happily in Joxers!

Random pictures from my Samsung...

I don't think these need any explanation...