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It would appear - after an iffy fdew days with FTP nonsense and Blogger / DNS stuff the bliog is back up and running!

We've started having RSVP's back for the wedding (yeah). We know most people are travelling, and are going to need a hotel room.

We also know there's a Pop Festival in Liverpool that week so hotel rooms are vanishing.

So here's some links for the following. They arn't on the handy map I gave you (I might make an online version of that in a sec) but they are fairly close, just opposit the Albert Dock:


Dolby Hotel

Forumle One


That's all the budgety ones I can think of we still know have room!
Congratulations and Celebrations

First things first -

Gaz has proposed to Laura- and she said yes. wooh! Wedding fever all round (more on that in a second).

Congratulations to you both. Yeah!!

Secondly - Happy Birthday Evie.

Evie is 2 today. so, lots of love to you sweetie xx (and yes, I'm a naughty aunt and your card will be late and you won't get your present till I come down and see you, your mother, and your new baby sister - Mae in a few weeks. But I promise to spoil you all when I do)

Finally. If a shiny blue envelope plopped through your door in the last few days you'll know this already. If it hasn't, it's not because we don't love you, but we've totally run out of room for people (who knew we were this popular)

Just before Christmas, Pete and I decided to move from a wedding to being a far off distant possibility to being an actual date / event. It turns out Liverpool registrars are super organised so before we had chance to ponder it or tell anyone wh…