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#WearnBathroomMakeover - Before pictures

It's funny how quickly you forget what something was like before you change it. we didn't really take enough pictures of the kitchen before - so it was hard to really get a sense of the transformation - but here's some before pics of the bathroom for reference.

I've thought more then once about painting that wall / shower and do something like this:

but more importantly it's going and removing that will make such a difference to the space.

#WearnBathroomMakeover - What's with all the sludge coloured tiles

The kitchen tiles were easy - we never thought about anything other then white metro tiles, having been inspired by every hipster bakery and coffee shop we've ever been in.

The bathroom's a different beast  - It's a bright room, with 3 windows - and white tiles seemed a little bit stark (also we'd only just sold the leftover kitchen tiles on ebay and it pained us to buy more)

Anyway - turns out tiles samples are a thing, and a very necessary thing. Many of these tiles are very different from the pictures on the internet - at least 2 of them are called duck egg' and a different from both the duck egg toilet seat we already have and any duck egg we've eaten.

The middle turquoise one that everyone liked on Facebook has a crackle glaze and the guy in the shop couldn't quite convince us it would work in a bathroom. What we also learnt is the difference in looking at tiles in different rooms and lights is outstanding. Tiles we liked downstairs looked like sludge …

#WearnBathroomMakeover - planning

This time last year we embarked on the kitchen - this year it's the bathroom - the Kitchen was more work then we thought it would be - but it does look amazing, it's been a dream to cook in and a year has gone so we've forgotten the pain and chaos.

The bathroom is a funny thing in the house - a full size bath, a shower cubical, toilet & sink running along the length of the extension that squares off the kitchen. It's not small, but it's very narrow. Working out how to make it work better - while being aware it's getting harder to clean the shower tray and the paint is peeling off of the tiles - means once we worked out a way to make it work for us, via Pinterest, Charlotte and too much rum - It was full steam ahead in getting it done.

We learnt a few things from trying to project manage the kitchen ourselves - were not great at communicating with trades people and getting people to turn up to even give us quotes was hard work - and it all stretched on lon…