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It was all going so well; I was having an uber-productive day - I'd put the washing away (easier now we have a wardrobe each - even if we brought more then we meant to in Primark yesterday) - Luckily a separate coat cupboard picks up the slack for that! - Oooh, and I brought such a pretty coat too.

I'd bounced into town - finished off my shopping for a certain- someones birthday next week, done 2 loads of washing, cleaned out Vince, had lunch, posted some stuff on blackboard. I was merrily researching stuff (properly - not just playing games and pretending to be taking notes while trying to kill the pizza boy (GTA, not Kingdom Hearts in case you were worried you'd missed that bit) When I came accross a link for - an open source version of Civilisation. I'm even having the forsite to write this now as I know the moment I load this up - Bang - there's the rest of my afternoon gone.

It will be even more dangerous if I show this to Pete - he's lost days o…
Umm - I'm still here, honest, I've just been a bit busy recently.

My current cover story is 'I'm researching Japanses narrative' - but mainly I brought some 2nd hand PS2 Games and Kingdom Hearts won.

I'm not an addict or anything, I could stop at any time, but then I'd just load up Vice City and the cycle would begin again. Who knew research could be so fun. =)

Start of terms been great- but busy, and the weathers getting cold - that's not so much fun!