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This is Why I love Twitter

this.. (you'll need to start at the bottom in true twitter style)Just a typical brief exchange captured on Twitter - there might have been more but I went off to get some fish & chips - It did however seem a fitting Birthday tribute to Shakespear

The garden's shaping up

Having ignored the garden last year, save for a party or two, we picked up some very lovely garden furniture at Katherine House depot the other day (£30 for something we calculate would have costs us closer to £200) and since our little table and chairs set from Wilkos a few years ago wasn't really big enough to eat from we snapped it up.
We then went to Homebase to buy some teak oil and further then saw some lovely pots that would bring colour to the garden (and a parasol, and some plants, and some paint for the shed ... we shouldn't be allowed into Homebase)
We've also done a bit of tidying up in the front garden, planted some summer bulbs which will hopefully bring a little bit of colour.
It's all looking much tidier, and just for once the inside isn't looking too bad either.

Easter Break To-do List

I've had a lovely few days not really doing anything - Easter it's self Pete had off and we spent yesterday in the house, catching up on telly, making websites and raising a bottle or two to zombie Jesus - we haven't yet eaten the chocolate Buzz lightyears but the Tesco finest eggs made a very fine breakfast. I also made Sophie Dahl's yummy veggie cottage pie - her cookbook is in the post and I've already promised myself to be productive on my days off.
So, taking a leaf out of our Game's Tech Staff only Ning I'm going to write a to-do list on here and cross it off as I go: Finish tidying my StudyFinish tidying the Elvis SuiteBecome the 8th best assassin on No More HeroesMake biscuits & cake using the tins and cutters I got for Christmas but haven't tried yetDig out the antique sink in the garden, clean it off, move it to the front and plant flowers in itWeed the front while I'm at itUse my EA Personal Trainer every morning for an hourDo the bits …

Easter and all that it entails

I've just come beck from Tescos where judging by the sheer quantity of chocolate Buzz Lightyears in the Easter Egg aisle it's possible Toy Story 3 will have a very different message from the other 2 (Could Buzz Lightyear be the 2nd coming??) -
Apart from that It's been a busy time - getting all the documents ready to be submitted for validating new awards (including my new one Computer Gameplay Design & Production), Bobbie & I went to present something on FAST-E at the uni's Technology& Learning Unconference (Details are on my uni blog somewhere on the right -->).
Other exciting News - .44Pistol got through to the final of the Battle of the Bands to play out The uni's Summer Ball - the final contest is after Easter but they've got plenty of practice, since they're playing Nantwich Jazz & Blues festival tomorrow and a few others next week.
Right, I'm off to dye my hair and pamper myself a little - it's date night and Pete and I are …