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Pottermore - Hufflepuff (Ha! I knew It!!)

I've been playing with Pottermore for a few days, I got my wand yesterday (Length: 11 1/2 in Wood:Cedar Core:Dragon Flexibility:Surprisingly Swishy) and I took the sorting hat challenge earlier, and I'm in...

Which actually comes as no surprise since I've always said I'd be good Hufflepuff material! I've been interesting in it all from a games / transmedia / marketing point of view, but it is very charming, and well done.


Fun and games with an impromptu bowling session at Tenpin Bowling! (we later went to Pizza Hut, then Joxers - much of the evening was sponsored by the VoucherCloud App)

My New Uni Game is Out

Finally - the virtual campus project I've been working on with various peeps in the university and Jisc is out - go, download, explore our campuses, work out what you'd need to do to enrol. Link to Download | Project Blog

Banal Domestic Dream alert

Woke up from a lovely dream that (a young) Mick Jagger and Natascha McElhone had come round for dinner. Mick was digesting on the sofa chatting to Pete about allotments and Natascha and I were doing the washing up. Naturally, it was all our plates, but my childhood home in Taffs Well...

Silly brain...