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Decorating the downstairs bathroom

There comes a time when you can't put off the fact that a room in your house needs redecorating, really badly. We've reached this point with the downstairs bathroom - now we've gotten over the trauma of the upstairs bathroom it's time to tackle the shower room.
I've got a pinterest board with a general idea of what we're going for, but who do you decided between those lovely shades of grey for the walls? (we'll we've discounted the top one for being too dark, but choosing between the other 3 is leading to a lot of very dull discussion, and standing in the downstairs bathroom at various times of the day trying to work out an answer...)

(My those £1.20 Primark tea towels look good framed)

I'm rubbish at Drawsome...

... but that is't going to stop me..

Feel free to add a game - username Wormella

Also, it's taken me 6 months to work out how to take screen shots with my phone - it took my phone seconds and I've got a whole gallery of my start screen where it's taken them by mistake...

Celebrations! To a debt free Miss Williams!

I paid off my Masters loan, early because my maths is rubbish / interest rates wobbeled / planets aligned... Anyway, cheers!

Jess & Neil's Perfect Wedding #readingwedding

In which I was the bridesmaid...
And they did look lovely....
Relive the day through the magic of Storify...
[<a href="" target="_blank">View the story "The Wedding of Neil & Jessica Reading" on Storify</a>]