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A spot of DIY on a sunny Saturday


We're decorating the upstairs bathroom (inbetween taps being fitted and there being a new floor being laid) and here's a scrap of the original, original wallpaper.

We're going to paint it a sexy shade of 'jazzberry' (purple that is) but the horrid peeling wallpaper needs to go first.

But for a brief moment, while Pete reaches the high up bits on the only tall ladder we have I'm sat on a step on the landing, having a cup of tea and listening to The News Quiz on Radio 4.

Hitchcock on Film

Jess has snagged tickets to a VIP Screening of The Birds tonight in Brum, I didn't realise how excited I was about it until I realised I was picking out a pretty outfit.
It's being shown as art of - and it promises to be an 'interactive experience'. Should be fun...
Update - some pictures from the event - it was really awesome!

I was thinking on the way to work this morning a Hitchcock themed Halloween party would be ace (maybe next year)


One of the wonderful courses from a charming little restaurant in Vasto - I could get use to these 'cultural exchanges'

250 Tasty Thanksgiving Recipes (Kindle Version)

The kindle app is great, and since I have it on my netbook (as well as my phone) I'm not adverse to digital versions of cook books - especially if they're only 86 pence, and it's instant delivery.
This year, since December is already busy we're having thanksgiving with the in-laws instead...

A lovely weekend for Mr. Wearn's 30th

And here endeth a week of festivities hearalding Pete's 30th birthday.

There has been much lunching, gathering of friends, balloons, cake, drink and a surprise trombone (sorry neighbours)

Thank you everyone for making it a really special evening!