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Merry Christmas | Nadolig Llawen | Feliz Navidad

Hope Santa brings you everything you wanted,
Lots of Love

Nia & Pete xxx

PS :- Thank you for all our lovely presents xx
Oooh - it's December and I haven't actually said anything since, umm, Halloween.

In case your wondering, work's been busys - very cool and everythings shaping up nicely for next years semester. Things are in motion for our conference - MMOG-Fest - More on that later I'm sure.

Apart from that Christmas is shaping up nicely and perhaps a big shindig at New Year in the works. The Muffcakes are actually getting some gigs planned for the new year - I'd check thier Myspace for more info on them (and in case you were wondering, a muffcake is a cross between a Muffin and a Cupcake)
Happy Halloween
Went to see Ratatouille last night - lovely, lovely film. I'm starting to think Brad Brid can do now wrong. I also made us hungry and wishing there was a copsy little bistro nearby.

Oh, and from a professional perspective - the graphics were excellent, the water espeically.
Happy Birthday Pete!!!!

It was all going so well; I was having an uber-productive day - I'd put the washing away (easier now we have a wardrobe each - even if we brought more then we meant to in Primark yesterday) - Luckily a separate coat cupboard picks up the slack for that! - Oooh, and I brought such a pretty coat too.

I'd bounced into town - finished off my shopping for a certain- someones birthday next week, done 2 loads of washing, cleaned out Vince, had lunch, posted some stuff on blackboard. I was merrily researching stuff (properly - not just playing games and pretending to be taking notes while trying to kill the pizza boy (GTA, not Kingdom Hearts in case you were worried you'd missed that bit) When I came accross a link for - an open source version of Civilisation. I'm even having the forsite to write this now as I know the moment I load this up - Bang - there's the rest of my afternoon gone.

It will be even more dangerous if I show this to Pete - he's lost days o…
Umm - I'm still here, honest, I've just been a bit busy recently.

My current cover story is 'I'm researching Japanses narrative' - but mainly I brought some 2nd hand PS2 Games and Kingdom Hearts won.

I'm not an addict or anything, I could stop at any time, but then I'd just load up Vice City and the cycle would begin again. Who knew research could be so fun. =)

Start of terms been great- but busy, and the weathers getting cold - that's not so much fun!
So - Exciting times in the Wearn household. We worked out a while ago that pete wouldn't be able to get to Hanley for work in time on a Sunday - so we finally aquiesed and brought a car. The red cube thing - A 12 year old Fiat Shit-quinchento. And it didn't work - overheated, made sounsds like death rattles and had a funny switch on the front dashboard. Since nither of us had any faith in it getting Pete to hanley - the reason we brought on in the first place, we spent yesterday (apart from a quick trip to the garden center to test drive the newly 'fixed' fiat) going around car delerships in Stafford. Anyhow - we have a new car - sounds healthier - looks better - Jobs a good un'.
An Exciting day! Our compost bin arrived yesterday and the washing machine arrives today!! Ok, so maybe not that exiciting but I don't remeber the last time I ever had a washing machine that wasn't gunky and old!!

The garden is taking shape - Pete is edging a flower bed with some bricks we found behind the shed as I type, and now we have some chairs and table we've been eating brekfast outside - delightful.
Someone on the Stafford Forum posted a link to a wonderful ariel map site and
So now all the pople who have asked, but haven't yet been to our wonderous new house can get a feel for our surroundings!I've also been cyling to and from work and just this morning found an easier, hill free way to work via even more of Stafford's lovely cycle paths.Everythings pretty much unpacked, we're ready and sorted for guests to stay and we're enjoying the sunshine and best of all having a garden to enjoy the sunshine in!!!
Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!
(Pete made these!!!)
Congratulations!!!To all our Graduates!!! - I had a lovely day yesterday (if you ignored the dark storm clouds).
Don't you hate it when you just see things on the Internet that describe your life perfectly. (from Neatorama )
Uuuurgh - Stafford's been wet, very wet. It's not actually raining today but I caught up in it yesterday and compounded with my headache / sore throat over the weekend I've added a nasty, sniffling cold to the proceeding.

On the plus side, the new house is coming along nicely, tomorrow's pay day means a trip to wilkos and the zealous purchasing of cleaning products. I'll post pictures when I remember to take a charged camera to Stafford and then get them on to the PC.

Talking of photos, 3 more albums are up on face book - more because it was easier then e-mailing them! They are here, here and here.
We're off on our honeymoon - we'll back in a week or two! if you want to compund your jelousy the widget underneath will keep you up to date on how hot and sunny it is in Rhodes!!

Woooh! All done and wedded.

Love to everyone!!!

Mrs. Wearn!
Further to many discussion recently on Jelly fish (yes you can eat them, they dry them in China etc) This caught my eye earlier.
Excellent - the government thinks I may have misspelled my own name.
Ooh - 3 posts in one day - can't you tell I'm bored! I need to reinstall the sims 2 on my PC, and for that I need the manual - which means I need to tidy up the spare room to find it.

Anyway - in one of my infrequent pops on-line came accross this game - Tangerine Panic

Well it amused me, top score so far is 75, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.
Last year I posted up pictures of our growing efforts in the flat -this year I'm just going to give a running tally.

Currently we have growing:

2 chilli plants
4 tomato plants (all bearing fruit)
2 mandarin trees
and a vertiable grove of lemon trees (well 5 - we just kept sticking seeds in a pot until some grew - now we have lots!!)

As you can imagine it's all getting a little out of hand so I'm off in a sec to do some pruning. It has made the flat smell all nice and, umm, tomato-y if that's a good thing. I would very much like a greenhouse in the next house we live in.

Not much else really - work is busy with marking, mum and dad are visiting briefly on Thursday and we're off down to London on Friday for Laura's birthday celebrations at Vinopolis - What an exciting life we lead!
Modifications to Cardiff, that used to be a shopping centre will now be a new ... umm .. shopping centre
Neat little thing, from, well, Neatorama. The conference was excellent and I'm still sorting through everything, especially my 50 odd pages of notes.

On wedding stuff - being 5 weeks from today and all, anyone left without a hotel e-mail me. Your best bet at the moment is the Premier Travel Inn at Roby or the Holiday Inn Express at the Albert Dock for the "budget" ones or check Trip Advisor for less budget ones.
If I'm not my usual obsessively on-line self for the next week it's because I'm off down to Newport on Wednesday and I'll be there till Saturday.

For anyone I'm hopefully meeting up on Wednesday I'll facebook / text you to sort exact details out.

Wedding stuff is coming along nicely, few last things to sort out and then job's a good un! It's looking like Liverpool *might* make it it the final, but that's the weekend before so it shouldn't be an issue.

Take care xx
Happy Easter !!!!
Look - I made me a wedding cake. =) It smells good!!! I had to make the cake 4 times to fit it into our mixing bowls and the chef.

More impressivly I didn't burn them and they turned out perfectly. Now they can mature - drink more rum - and it's up to Pete to ice them!!
In case you were wondering what exactly goes into a three tier wedding cake - it looks a little something like this!

That includes: 5.5lb currants, 2lb sultanas, 2lb raisians, 1lb almonds, 1.5 lb glace cherries, 1lb mixed peel, 3lb flour, 3lb buttter, 3lb sugar, 24 eggs, 1/3 pint of rum (it's in old skool quantaties because the recipe is from the 1948 edition of Good Housekeeping's Cookery Book).
Just a few things before I go out and start buying stuff to make the wedding cake with (2.5 kg of currents!!!)

Since in the last few weeks I've had a hair cut and brought new glasses I thought it was high time to change my ever useful yahoo avatar.

Unfortunatly there is still only one choice of glasses, but they look pretty similar.

oh and my hair doesn't look that straight - ever!!
First of all, I haven't got around to watching 'the 300' yet but this made me giggle:

Had a good weekend, dedicated Saturday night to finding a suitible bottle of sparkaly wine for the weding. Exhaustive testing of 7 differnt bottles of cava, champange, vouvrey and some other stuff, along with other accompanying tapasy nibbles means Pete and I are spending the next week eating out of the templefood and lowfat sections of cookbooks. I stress we had some help in the shape of Pete's parents and some neighbours. Not even I can do 3 bottles of wine to myself!

Had a busy weekend before that, jetted off to Barcelona to see mam for Sul-y-Mamau. Lovely Barcelona, sunny skies - very relcuctant to return to cold, windy snowy Liverpol - never mind.

Next weekend will be nice and quiet, dedicated the first episode of season 3 of the lovely David Tennet, umm, sorry, Dr. who! I'm not stupidly excited at all!!

Wedding stuff is pretty much done, if you haven't booked a hotel room ye…
Wedding Stuff.
Hotels in the city are still vanishing at some pace. I've expanded the list on wedding mapper to include ones I *know* other people are staying at. If you've booked and not told me where please drop me a line!

Also, check Trip Advisor For up to date availability.

I've also had a request about last trains home.

The last train from Liverpool to Birmingham via Stafford is the 21:16 from Liverpool Lime Street. (getting into Stafford at 22:24 and Brum at 23:04)

The last train to Stoke-on-Trent leaves Lime Street at 19:37 pm

Last Train to Manchester leaves Lime Street at 23:33pm
My life has been rated:

See what your rating is!

Created by Bart King

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus

Have a lovely day,
eat some leeks,
make some welsh cakes,
love some dragons.

Have Fun!!!

This man is a genius, well, not quite but Will It Is just fab. It's not to much a case of will the blend-Tec blender blend it (because it inveriably does) but is it safe to do at home (not usually).

Having used Blend Tec blenders at Nero I can vouch for thier kick-ass blending skills, It's just nice to see a company have fun marketing.

(and yes, I'd very much like the T-shirt on the left, ages since I've brought a rnadom net cult t-shirt!)
I'm a little bit bored, as you can tell.

<a href="">Countdown To Pete and Nia's Wedding</a>
It would appear - after an iffy fdew days with FTP nonsense and Blogger / DNS stuff the bliog is back up and running!

We've started having RSVP's back for the wedding (yeah). We know most people are travelling, and are going to need a hotel room.

We also know there's a Pop Festival in Liverpool that week so hotel rooms are vanishing.

So here's some links for the following. They arn't on the handy map I gave you (I might make an online version of that in a sec) but they are fairly close, just opposit the Albert Dock:


Dolby Hotel

Forumle One


That's all the budgety ones I can think of we still know have room!
Congratulations and Celebrations

First things first -

Gaz has proposed to Laura- and she said yes. wooh! Wedding fever all round (more on that in a second).

Congratulations to you both. Yeah!!

Secondly - Happy Birthday Evie.

Evie is 2 today. so, lots of love to you sweetie xx (and yes, I'm a naughty aunt and your card will be late and you won't get your present till I come down and see you, your mother, and your new baby sister - Mae in a few weeks. But I promise to spoil you all when I do)

Finally. If a shiny blue envelope plopped through your door in the last few days you'll know this already. If it hasn't, it's not because we don't love you, but we've totally run out of room for people (who knew we were this popular)

Just before Christmas, Pete and I decided to move from a wedding to being a far off distant possibility to being an actual date / event. It turns out Liverpool registrars are super organised so before we had chance to ponder it or tell anyone wh…