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Showing posts from June, 2007
Uuuurgh - Stafford's been wet, very wet. It's not actually raining today but I caught up in it yesterday and compounded with my headache / sore throat over the weekend I've added a nasty, sniffling cold to the proceeding.

On the plus side, the new house is coming along nicely, tomorrow's pay day means a trip to wilkos and the zealous purchasing of cleaning products. I'll post pictures when I remember to take a charged camera to Stafford and then get them on to the PC.

Talking of photos, 3 more albums are up on face book - more because it was easier then e-mailing them! They are here, here and here.
We're off on our honeymoon - we'll back in a week or two! if you want to compund your jelousy the widget underneath will keep you up to date on how hot and sunny it is in Rhodes!!