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Showing posts from December, 2005
Merry Christmas / Nadolig Llawen / Joyeux Noel / Bon Nadal / Feliz Navidas.And festive wishes in any other language you care to mention!

We're just finishing up packing and stuff to head down to Whiltshire form Christmas / New Year. Can't promise I'll remeber to post in the mean time so I leave you with festive thought, best wisesh, and a lovely picture of our Christmas tree.

According to this I'm an inspirational eccentric. Probably about right.

I know I should be tidying up the flat, and I will, I promise, just a few more minutes of procrastination and then it will be on with the laundry / kitchen / tidying, well maybe after lunch.

Christmas is all sorted here, all brought and wrapped and the such. Now thats out of the way been busy voluteering with some conservation voluteers. IT's good fun but my legs are covered with big scratches from attacking some brambles the other day! Good thing I've got sexy boot to wear to cover them up!!
Wishing you all a Very Merry Amazon Christmas. In case anyone thought I was kidding my family really has left Amazon do all the work this year. Look at the growing pile of beautifully wrapped, hand typed pressies, in easy to stack and carry box shapes. It's comforting knowing theres piles like that being stack up around the Williams family homsteads.

Amazon fairy not withstanding, feeling very festive over here - Christmas dinner tomorrow wheich should be fun. I've a trifle to make today but I think I'll watch Saturday Kitchen first. We've decorated the flat, brought a new Christmas tree and eveything. Busy burning a CD of festive tunes for dinner tomorrow, should be good fun!
We've got a new telly - it's huge, well it's a 28" widescreen beast, it's lovely though, and more importantly we can read it from sitting on our lovely sofa. I've not included apicture of the telly, that's a bit dull, but look, there's a picture of the huge box that is currently taking up the hall. Kudos to Pete for getting it home.

Other purchases this week include a CD/Tape/DAB radio combo thingy for the kitchen, which means, finally, we have a way of listening to Radio 4 (and other delights) without having to switch on the PC. Since the Digi box went mental and rescanned getting rid of Channel 5 and most BBC Digital radio channels we've been at a bit of a loss. We're thinking of getting a new digibox, and if that doesn't work asking the Eldonians to have a look at the TV ariel.

Apart from that we've been Christmas shopping, well, buying stuff on-line really. It's a lazy way to do things but it's very stress free. Amazon is an …