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#WearnBathroomMakeover - Daylight bulbs don't kid around

We're on the home straight now, walls are painted (with a few bits left to sort) and the brilliant white sets off the tiles fantastically - and the art from Quantum Prints looks fantastic

Last bits of painting, the skirting, the shelves for the alcove (and Pete was so proud he only needed to buy one bit of wood, since his wood hoarding has paid off) and a cabinet to hold towels etc so Saturday hold a trip to IKEA on it's cards to buy either this one
 or this one (if you have a preference let me know on twitter - I'm too tired to make any more decisions)

#WearnBathroomMakeover - Festivities stop play but there's work to be done

So, the fitters were all done and dusted just before Christmas - the bath & shower combo, sink and toilet are all in and working - and we've been getting used to the space a little bit more. We've plumped for two shower curtains and some of the excellent Croydex Press'N'Lock products to make it usable - the joy of having tiles everywhere is the suction pads work really well. They look smart too.

So now we just need to paint it, add shelves into the alcove and add skirting boards and a linen cupboard of sorts but the difference in the space, and the feel of the room is amazing.