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Recipe for a perfect day

So today pretty much constitutes a perfect day: Woke up, got some work done, Pete made me coffee, Dave my father in law made breakfast, we set off home fairly early on a beautiful sunny day. On the radio we listened to the Humphrey Littleton memorial concert and decided, using the sat nav to visit Cirencester on the way home. As opposed to actually visiting the town and it's many delis we lay in the sunshine on the grass of the amphitheatre, trying to work out what went where since English Heritage had omitted any information boards.
We then went to Waitrose, brought some yummy things for a picnic lunch and dinner, had said picnic overlooking very senic view in Birdlip...

...and decided to go to the cinema. We just made it in time for a showing at the junction 10 showcase, where we hadn't seen a film since I was a student in Staffs.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is an awesome film, in case you were wondering.

Then we made it home, spent a bit of time being domestic, aand also follow…

Lovely pretty bracelet

I think this is the last of my birthday presents! (I should point out there's a basket full of goodies too). We're in GC for the soap box derby and a Chevrillites gig, oh, and a beer festival to keep me entertained!

Happy Nia...

I've got rum, the last disk of season 3 of

Buffy, a sleepy and full husband snoozing on the sofa. All is good!

I think I'm regressing...

Things are getting geeky 'round here. There's Boglins in the office (for reference purposes of course) And Superheroes in the bedroom... (Photos taken with my phone, but for some reason the drop box app stopped working and they were too big to upload straight to Picasa, still some playing around is needed I think)

I want this please...

Back in halls...

Oooh, I'd forgotten how small rooms in halls were, and how thin the walls are!

Trains all worked fine, lovely trip up really bar getting very wet when we got here. We made up for it by having yummy burgers with pancake and syrup for pudding.

Really looming forward to the conference tomorrow, best get some sleep, Nighty-night!

Scotland and Smartphones

Following on from my PC going kabloo-y I decided to upgrade the mobile aspects of my life. I've been on the same BT Genie contract since I was 18, which was ok, but stopped me playing with a lot of the shiny, mobile-y, telephony stuff that's out there. So, after a bit of research (and I admit being jealous of Pete's new blackberry and being a bit seduced by Sherlock's mobile phone use) I bit the bullet, phoned O2 and now I'm the proud owner of a very shiny Samsung Galaxy S It's a very lovely phone and all it's fancy bells and whistles are going to be put to the test as Stu and I head up to Edinburgh for the Skillset Conference on 'excellence in games education' - the fact there's a massive arts festival happening made booking hotels a pain but Stu came out tops with Halls in Queen Margret University, very close to town.
It should be an excellent conference, with the added excitement of the first time I've ever gone that far north (Ironically …

Catch 22 - My very ill PC.

I know my ailing PC isn't long for this world but this is the current issue:
If I switch it on it tells me Windows is corrupted, in the config sys., and to use a disk and repair it (I can't find the recovery disk at the moment but that isn't the major issue - or it is, but a different issue if you get me. I've found the recovery disk, it was in Pete's desk!!)
I want to install ubuntu - or at least something that gives me enough access so I can install the download of windows 7 I have waiting on Pete's Portable hard drive, and ideally save whatever files I can from it. I have an ubuntu disk and the first time I fired it up with the disk in the drive it worked, liked magic. This was fine but the inbuilt security software on my passport disk wasn't Linux compatible so I had to plug that into my netbook to disable the security software and hoped that worked.
Any subsequent switching on attempts have led to the aforementioned corrupted windows, and the kicker is if…