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Everything looks better in a frame...

Spoils from the poster sale in work the other day. It's amazing what a very cheap frame from wilkos can do to a cheap poster. (Bear in mind Selfridges had the slightly larger classic 'keep calm and carry on', in a similar frame for £95, but that's Selfridges for you)

Shiver Me Timbers, it's that time of year again...

Have a good one me' hearties. Enjoy your rum, wenches and pillaging...
I'm slightly agreeved that the pirate party jokes I brought me' Capt'n Pete are just normal jokes with some pirate pictures on, I was looking forward to seeing how they managed 50 pirate jokes...

Girly night in

Pete's doing a gig in Newton-le-Willows, so I'm de stressing before welcome week with a girly night in, Steak, home made chips, red wine and a double bill of Terminator Salvation & Watchmen.

Ok so far not so girly but I brought a face mask and I might paint my nails... That has to count for something right?

We're off to see Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

I'm being spoilt with Blues bands I really love touring the UK this year, C.W. Stoneking a few weeks ago and... ... Next Month at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds - one of my favourite venues in the UK, in one of my favourite cities.

And with any luck I'll add to my collection of awesome band t-shirts, and I'm sure we can find wall space for another signed poster.

3FaveThings @ aged 18

We've been running a blog for Induction Week and the first step is to post up a picture of your 3 fave things.
This has caused a lot of discussion, in and out of the office, not only what they are now, but what they would have been at 18, so here's mine....
It would appear my 18 year old self was as little bit tragic, I think I'm better now (Pete might disagree), but I'll post up my current day one later on, after the pub quiz.

Lunch Time Fun

Testing out some Quake 2 stuff for a module....I'm still rubbish at Death matches, but not as bad as I used to be.

New Fish, We Are Scientists

So we have some new fish, initially we were going to get 5, and call them after defunct web services but a chat to the nice and helpful (and diligent) man in Pets@Home we went for 3, a normal one, a shubunken & a comet.
The new ones are called Eddington, Faraday & Babbage. They join Nietzsche & Isambard. They also, appear to have no desire to appear in the same frame at the same time...
I'm thinking Turing & Baudrillard if we get some more, Nietzsche seems a little out of place being the only philosopher.
In other news Jess and I are walking the Katherine House Midnight Walk later on, you can sponsor us here:- - it was fun last year and I'm off to Sainsbury's in a sec to stock up on supplies.

Geek alert!

This makes me happy, that is all x

Update - while walking to work a small child stopped on his bike and pointed to his dad saying "Look, that's Bat Girl" - even better!

Productive Sunday

After yesterday got swallowed up with an unscheduled drinking session today has almost been productive. I wished my father Happy Birthday, I've new school shoes, (I'm sure there will be a time when I don't just buy the 2 coolest / funkiest trainers in my size in TKMaxx once a year, until that time....) Some things to tidy up my dressing table and some things for dinner (grilled sardines.with polenta and braised leeks).

I've also bumped into Jess & Neil and now I'm having a quick coffee before going to joxers for a wedding celebration party, and then the quiz later.

At this rate I'll need another day to recover from today!