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Gosh the Internet can be quick sometimes

Literally seconds after complaining that were pants on Twitter the posties arrives with my glasses. The prescription is fine but they are a little bit bigger then I was expecting : Considering how rubbish at communication they've been I'm not sure I can go through the hassle of sending them back - and I'm pretty sure I can get them adjusted a little so they don't slip off but I'm not sure I'd go shopping online for specs again.

200th post

And for a little bit of excitement, and the 200th post I've changed the template. I'll change it to something far more exciting when i work out how to get some of the pretty Blogskins or Pyzam ones to work without deleting widgets - but I have to go make dinner now (cream cheese and tomato tarts, with wet garlic and seasonal veg)

Final Test post of the evening

the last test of the evening before I leave this stupid PC in peace. For a brief second there I didn't actually exist on the internet - scary thought. Anyway copied everything over to another blogger blog in shiny new formats, and then deleted the old one, re-wrote the html frames page and now normal service has been resumed.I'll be doubley happy if this updates twitter too.


Ok, For some reason (and I have no doubt it's my own fault) reverting back to the classic view has overwritten my IFrames / index layout - which is a pain.

So I tried moving to wordpress, where it appears I already have an account (this happened to me with stumbleupon the other week) - but I can't import all my posts to there because it I have this blog in the classic view - a delightful catch 22.

I'm going to persevere with this one, switching it to a shiny new version on blogger.
Had to switch back to the classic template - so it works but it isn't as pretty. Maybe time to sort out a new blog system (or relearn HTML)


Blogger tells me this should look like one thing (with the cornify button on it) - and it tells me thats it's saved and that's what's there on the previews - but it isn't there.

I'm confused, and this is as much a test post is it is an actual shout out for help.

A minor rant on the hunt for new glasses

My current glasses are very much on the way out - oh and I'm sick of black frames - I've had these for current FCUK for over 2 years, they were cool and funky at the time but now everyone has them - and square, angular ones seem to be the all the range - curse of the early adopter I suppose.Anyway, had an eye test, good news, my poor eyes are only a little bit worse then usual - so consistantly staring at my screen editing boxes on an excel spreadsheet haven't damaged them as much as I'd feared.Anyway, I'm not impressed with what I've seen on the high street, and they are so, very, very expensive - but I've too strong a perscription for most online glasses suppliers (although Direct Specs would let me buy them from a shop, but not online??). Apart from ExclusiveEyes - Not sure why they'll make me glasses and other people won't but I'm giving them a try and these sexy things should be on they're way to me:
Oh, for under £20, which is £100 chea…

Everyone should have a boyscout trained husband

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!