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If Tarantino made Pokemon...

If Tarantino made Pokemon..., originally uploaded by StaffsGamesTech. It's Global Games Jam time again, Links to everything are up on the Games Academy blog -

Burns night festivites

Yeah for themed evenings, we had haggis (meat and veggie), proper accompnimets, bits of Burns poetry, Scottish Military Marches and The Proclaimers on spotify and now the boys are enjoying a 'wee dram' of Talisker.
Now why don't any other poets have themed days and meals?

Vintage NomBook - The New BBC Diet

Author: Dr. Barry Lynch Date: 1990 Published: BBC Books

This really raises up a lot of questions (not least of all, why do we own it? does it work?) but also, is the current BBC diet? What was the old BBC Diet?

Vintage NomBook - Pears Family Cookbook

Author: Bee Nilson Date: 1964 Published: Pelham Books Ltd
I picked this up earlier today in Oxfam, it reminds me of my farther, who had a few editions of Pears Cyclopaedia which engrossed me as a child.

This is arranged alphabetically, it's like a more no nonsense version of #200

Lacking inspiration for the garden..

The window fitters have almost finished, it's nice to have safe, warm, secure windows that don't feel like they could fall out at any time, and you don't have to prop open with bottles (they've replaced all of the windows on the back of the house, apart from the one in my study - so we've now got double glazing in the Elvis Suite, the upstairs bathroom, the living room, the kitchen and a new back door.
The back door has a window in it, which very clearly brings to the forefront the fact the generally boggy garden needs some attention....

Not to mention this sad, unloved bit at the back by the kitchen...
Any suggestions?

PHD Comics: Anatomy of a Winter Break

This is so very true....
Link the the comic

Happy 1st Birthday for NomBooks

So, this little vanity project is a year old, and it's been fun, and helpful - even if I think I've brought more cookbooks since I started it.
I'm doing some tidying up, adding better tags, author names, years, publishers etc so it should be even more useful. I've also done a bit of a site redesign, only a tiny bit of tidying up but enough that I'm happy with the layout now.
Happy New Year!