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Kitchen planning #1

We are saving money for a new kitchen - something the house needs and I suspect by the time we save the amount (and we haven't worked out how much that is yet) it will be much more needed - the floor is already falling apart and is covered in what we call 'Tiles of Death' because they turn into an ice rink when water spills onto them and crack every time someone drops something.

It needs love because various past residents have done bits and pieces but we really want to start afresh. Which means the following:

Moving Water pipes / stopcock
Relocating the Gas Oven / Hob to the other side of the kitchen
Removing the world's biggest radiator
New Floor
New Tiles
New Units / Worktops - (we have our eye on an Ikea one that looks a bit like this)

So I've been doing some measurements and of course we have a pinterest board of ideas (the important bit)
Follow Nia's board Pretty Kitchen Ideas on Pinterest.
So, here's a rough sketch of the area if you want to play alon…

More post like this please...

When you're saving for a kitchen it all helps =D

Reddit's r/lifehacks actually has something good for once...