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Because everyone spends the first day of their holidays making a place to do all the work they haven't done yet right?
On the basis we arn't really going away again one of my plans is to actually tidy up and sort out all the bits we've neglected over the last 5 years - the spare room / library / study / games room / fairy den / laundry dump is in a much better place then it was but since my desktop died, my actual desk was starting to look a bit sad - and since I brought a laptop a little while ago I've mainly been using it downstairs, on my lap - which is nice, but not that useful for actual writing.
So task one - make a space for me to be able to write, in my study - tick!
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Still got it

It's nice to know I still have the ability to build a website, from scratch, on notepad in my lunch break. I'm rejigging my online presence a bit so I've decided to build my own boiler plate over at - and then I can feel less guilty about not updating this (since what I am good at is Twitter & IG)

I'd also forgotten how much fun coding something from scratch is - my summer plan is to try my hand at Twine game creation so it was nice to ease myself back into coding with a tiny project.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

This years tree - choc full of lovely momentos and decorations (and in case anyone was keeping track this years theme is Stars)
(and a bonus small boy, who isn't that small any more)
Merry Christmas from Pete, Nia & Brit

Sad New - RIP the tasteless Christmas Tree

It is with sad news that we have to report the demise of our favorite festive decoration - the tasteless, weird fiber optic christmas tree with the strange baubles that made an odd grinding sound.

It hailed from our days in Liverpool, in the flat, and it was neither attractive nor calming, but we loved it so. It was love at first sight when we saw it the Renshaw's hardware and it took us ages of stalking to finally get one. It has illuminated many a window in the years since - broadcasting to everyone we have little taste when ti comes to Christmas decorations.
It probably lasted 10 years and I doubt anything like it's magnificence will ever be seen again in our home.
Good bye you wonderful decorative item

#10YearsWed - Happy Anniversary to Us!!

10 years ago I married the very lovely @pistolpetewearn in a fun relaxed day at our then home of Liverpool - #happyanniversary #10yearsAgo #happydays #weddinganniversary #superlambbanana #liverpool #lego #cake #weddingcake #weddingdress A post shared by Nia Wearn (@wormella83) on May 26, 2017 at 2:20am PDT
And since our wedding was in the early days of Facebook, back when photo albums had a limit of 60 photos to an album for the first time ever all of our photos are in one place - we haven't actually gotten around to getting all of the physical photos in one place yet ;)

A lot's happened in 10 years - and I'm looking forward to kicking back tonight and watch Rich Hall at the Gatehouse, picking up a pizza on the way home and enjoy it with a bottle of fizz as is our tradition - since that's how we were still partying at 3am on the evening of our wedding. This was before we got up the next morning, heading back to our flat and serving up breakfast to everyone.

Such a hap…

Easter in the Garden - Phase 1

The garden has needed a tidy and some love for  while now, so since the kitchen and bathroom have both been done - and we've had some spare time over Easter with the boy in nursery we've cracked on with phase 1 - reclaiming land and lawn edging. Inspired by this Pinterest pin
We've used wood gathered from various projects as lawn edging - we looked at the rolled wood stuff or the bamboo stuff and none of it seemed like us -and there's quite a bit of lawn to edge. So a bonus that it was free asides from a couple of tester pots to liven it up.

I also wanted to sort out the seating a little bit - we do have quite a big table and chairs, but often that's a bit big for a glass of wine and some nibbles. 

 so the ever talented Mr. Wearn used some scaffolding planks left over from the kitchen bookshelf to make us a garden bench.

and we've added an Asda bistro set to have a smaller set up in the area we've reclaimed from a giant bush, unused mini greenhouse and hack…