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Look - I made me a wedding cake. =) It smells good!!! I had to make the cake 4 times to fit it into our mixing bowls and the chef.

More impressivly I didn't burn them and they turned out perfectly. Now they can mature - drink more rum - and it's up to Pete to ice them!!
In case you were wondering what exactly goes into a three tier wedding cake - it looks a little something like this!

That includes: 5.5lb currants, 2lb sultanas, 2lb raisians, 1lb almonds, 1.5 lb glace cherries, 1lb mixed peel, 3lb flour, 3lb buttter, 3lb sugar, 24 eggs, 1/3 pint of rum (it's in old skool quantaties because the recipe is from the 1948 edition of Good Housekeeping's Cookery Book).
Just a few things before I go out and start buying stuff to make the wedding cake with (2.5 kg of currents!!!)

Since in the last few weeks I've had a hair cut and brought new glasses I thought it was high time to change my ever useful yahoo avatar.

Unfortunatly there is still only one choice of glasses, but they look pretty similar.

oh and my hair doesn't look that straight - ever!!
First of all, I haven't got around to watching 'the 300' yet but this made me giggle:

Had a good weekend, dedicated Saturday night to finding a suitible bottle of sparkaly wine for the weding. Exhaustive testing of 7 differnt bottles of cava, champange, vouvrey and some other stuff, along with other accompanying tapasy nibbles means Pete and I are spending the next week eating out of the templefood and lowfat sections of cookbooks. I stress we had some help in the shape of Pete's parents and some neighbours. Not even I can do 3 bottles of wine to myself!

Had a busy weekend before that, jetted off to Barcelona to see mam for Sul-y-Mamau. Lovely Barcelona, sunny skies - very relcuctant to return to cold, windy snowy Liverpol - never mind.

Next weekend will be nice and quiet, dedicated the first episode of season 3 of the lovely David Tennet, umm, sorry, Dr. who! I'm not stupidly excited at all!!

Wedding stuff is pretty much done, if you haven't booked a hotel room ye…
Wedding Stuff.
Hotels in the city are still vanishing at some pace. I've expanded the list on wedding mapper to include ones I *know* other people are staying at. If you've booked and not told me where please drop me a line!

Also, check Trip Advisor For up to date availability.

I've also had a request about last trains home.

The last train from Liverpool to Birmingham via Stafford is the 21:16 from Liverpool Lime Street. (getting into Stafford at 22:24 and Brum at 23:04)

The last train to Stoke-on-Trent leaves Lime Street at 19:37 pm

Last Train to Manchester leaves Lime Street at 23:33pm
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