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Too much of everything


We're hosting Christmas this year, trying not to buy too much of everything is really hard.

It's beginning to look a lot like Nerdmass

Last year Chris & I decorated the office with Star Wars snow flakes - of which you can find templates everywhere but they were a pain to cut out. This year I have answered out faculty's call to add decorations to the Christmas tree in Stoke with some glittery, googly-eyed Pacman & Ghosts (naively assuming everyone else in the school of art & design was going to go nuts with glitter glue & craft supplies, they hadn't). I can't make the faculty Christmas party so I hope they are still there but here's some proof anyway...

... and I've added Teenage Mutant Ninja Baubles to the tree in our office, (more googley eyes this time- I stole this idea from Pinterest, although green baubles are harder to find then you think they might be)

We're hosting the family Christmas this year, so our tree doesn't feel left out I've also added a TARDIS to the top of it, to complement the blue & white LED lights I'd forgotten I'd brought..

I'm …