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Woooh! All done and wedded.

Love to everyone!!!

Mrs. Wearn!
Further to many discussion recently on Jelly fish (yes you can eat them, they dry them in China etc) This caught my eye earlier.
Excellent - the government thinks I may have misspelled my own name.
Ooh - 3 posts in one day - can't you tell I'm bored! I need to reinstall the sims 2 on my PC, and for that I need the manual - which means I need to tidy up the spare room to find it.

Anyway - in one of my infrequent pops on-line came accross this game - Tangerine Panic

Well it amused me, top score so far is 75, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.
Last year I posted up pictures of our growing efforts in the flat -this year I'm just going to give a running tally.

Currently we have growing:

2 chilli plants
4 tomato plants (all bearing fruit)
2 mandarin trees
and a vertiable grove of lemon trees (well 5 - we just kept sticking seeds in a pot until some grew - now we have lots!!)

As you can imagine it's all getting a little out of hand so I'm off in a sec to do some pruning. It has made the flat smell all nice and, umm, tomato-y if that's a good thing. I would very much like a greenhouse in the next house we live in.

Not much else really - work is busy with marking, mum and dad are visiting briefly on Thursday and we're off down to London on Friday for Laura's birthday celebrations at Vinopolis - What an exciting life we lead!