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Salad Spinner

No one should be this excited by Salad


BLW (@bcwearn Led Weaning)

I'm putting these up here because I need an easy place to find them when I go shopping later. I understand all the concepts behind BLW, I'm happy with it in principal and Brit appears to be enjoying it in nursery but this will be the first weekend at home since he's been eating solids and I'm pretty sure you can't feed babies cup a soup and I don't really know what to buy...

Me and @BCWearn (Almost) 6 months on

I think this is my favorite picture of the last 6 months -  It's me getting ready to do my talk at LudoLunch (a family friendly game developer picnic in Oxford I co-hosted over the weekend). I suppose it's a nice sample of the kind of things we've been up o in the last 6 months since Brit was born.

I didn't really mean to take a massive break from the blog - I took a longer blog maternity leave then I did actually maternity leave - I suppose I didn't want to bore you about how great being a mam to such a wonderful little boy is. It's not that I've shielded him away from social media - there's plenty of Facebook pictures and he has his own twitter account (@BCWearn).

So I might start posting again, this might become a place I talk about gaming with a baby, or family friendly game developer events, or possibly humble brag posts (Oh, I just don't know what to do with myself since my son sleeps through the night now) - but maybe not. I might also be a …