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Back in the office

Some Birthday pics and gifts

Thank you to everyone! I had an absolutely lovely Birthday 2 parties down, 1 more to go!

Look who came to lunch!

The Rouxel Clan (l-r Mae, Doug, Evie, Charlotte & Harry) - They popped in on their way from Southend to Skye!

Ok, A New Diagram but no closer to the answer

Ok, it's a day later, we've had a lot of help with this and I feel an answer is very close to emerging. We've done away with the wireless aspect, incase it was this lovely big victorian house that was causing problems (it probably wasn't) but it's all ethernet cabled to the hilt.I've flushed the DNS. I have the IP Config file to hand if anyone wants it (if it helps). We can ping sites but we can't see them and I have learnt an awful lot about internetty stuff recently, I just wish it workd properly. As ever, any thoughts??

Wireless nightmare update

Ok thanks to Kane for the video, Dan for the tech support and Mo for pointing out we porbably had a wireless router / modem in the first place and now we have internet on both PC but it's treacle slow - which for the most part we're blamining on the solid Victorian brick construction of the house!

Unless the website is google related (like this, or the news, or gmail) then it's lightning quick!

I am not a Network Engineer! Help!!!!!

This is the current network set up, many fine brownie points to anyone who can tell me where I've gone wrong, what I need to fix it, where I've been an idiot and how I get internet to the PC downstairs!Left clicking the image should make it bigger!

Graduation 2009

A massive congratulations to all our graduates today. This is the first lot I've seen through from start to finish and I'm very proud of them all. It was a sunny for once and we had an awesome day at Trentham Gardens and massive slices of cake.