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new glasses! (again)

Just brought new glasses (I shouldn't be allowed on the PC all night) but the ones I brought the other week / month are ok but the adjustments means the lenses are adept at falling out at the smallest knock.
That and they are pretty colours and I'm a bit fed up of thick plastic frames.
As ever photos up when they arrive - and if anyone else wants to suggest glasses from that you think might suit me drop me a tweet.

LBP T-shirt

In other T-shirt news my Little Big Planet t-shirt from the latest free t-shirt drive has turned up. It's huge so I doubt I'll be wearing to work any time soon (that and I know at least one ofmy students has one)
It's just nice to see a Marketing Plan in action - and working - although ti won't make me buy the game, I don't own a Ps3 and any new toys are very, very, very low down on the list of things we need.
I did however buy a pair of proper straighteners - so now I'm like a real girl and stuff (and not a pretend one)
I'm out of the office for the next few weeks so I'm going to spend the next few days catching up with people, and the house work and maybe we'll get away for a week, if we can decided where and when, and if the weather holds.

I Want One

I'm going to be a good girl and wait till Payday!

Gardening Update

Well, the sun has been shining, and it's been stupidly hot for the past few days so the garden is looking a little bit parched and a lot of things have panicked and started flowering (the sage and rocket mainly).
I also think we possibly have a bumblebee nest in the compost heap but apart from a few unlucky ones that venture too near the spiders den behind the curtain in the shed it's nice to see the garden attracting wildlife. The soft fruits section (i.e. my section with the strawberries, cranberries and either redcurrents or white currents I can't remember) Is all doing very well and we should have a bumper crop this year.
Best of all I'm on holiday next week!!