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Easter in the Garden - Phase 1

The garden has needed a tidy and some love for  while now, so since the kitchen and bathroom have both been done - and we've had some spare time over Easter with the boy in nursery we've cracked on with phase 1 - reclaiming land and lawn edging. Inspired by this Pinterest pin
We've used wood gathered from various projects as lawn edging - we looked at the rolled wood stuff or the bamboo stuff and none of it seemed like us -and there's quite a bit of lawn to edge. So a bonus that it was free asides from a couple of tester pots to liven it up.

I also wanted to sort out the seating a little bit - we do have quite a big table and chairs, but often that's a bit big for a glass of wine and some nibbles. 

 so the ever talented Mr. Wearn used some scaffolding planks left over from the kitchen bookshelf to make us a garden bench.

and we've added an Asda bistro set to have a smaller set up in the area we've reclaimed from a giant bush, unused mini greenhouse and hack…