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My Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

Because I'm finally caught up on important things like Tumblr and Pinterest since getting back a little early from #Wearncamp12 I saw this earlier, which led to:

and since I always like a challenge, and a spreadsheet - this...

I've already read 76 of them, thankfully all the Austins and Brontes on the list so I don't have to revisit those (thank's A-Level English lit for putting me off anything with a crinolin) but I'm sure this is the crazy things E-Readers were made for...

(I don't actually like the Gilmore Girls, but that's by the by)

Gone Camping... Back Soon

(I also feel a little like this with a bag of shiny new swag from Go Outdoors)
but everything I have is Regatta....
But at least even Batman is cool enough to go camping