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Posted:Oct 11, 2006 8:48 PM - on the Rhydfelen MySpace page if you can believe such stuff exists and that I'm a member of it

While back in Ponty I visited Rhydfelen after it was abandoned and boreded up, but just before the recent fire and increased security.
Here is my photoessay of the old place.

Nes I ymweld ar hen Ysgol Rhydfelen tra'n adref ymhontypridd ar ol iddo cau lawr ond cyn y tan mawr yn y neuadd ar cynyddiad mewn diogelwch.
Dyma fy ysgrif photographiaeth o'r hen le.

It was like a scene from the pianist!

I don't think about Rhyd all that much, mostly happy times but certainly nothing I would change. It's very sad to see it in this state - like a bomb went off. If any one ever needed reference for post-apocalyptic environments here you go.

A slow start but a productive day over all. 3 trips into the Center, dropping off stuff for charity shops each time and finally reclaiming the hallway. Framed the last of the art that needed frames, brought some cheese, brought a new washing up bowl and some beer for Pete and finally the 747's debut album. After the Fratelli's album it's a bit of a let down, but that's only to be expected really.

I'm in a bit of a domestic goddess-y mode, so dinner tonight will consists of home made beetroot and Lancashire tart (with home made puff pastry) and less domestic goddessy chocolate brownies I brought from the lovely deli on Stanley Street.

Joe's visiting tomorrow so I have to make some effort into tidying the flat - but first, a little bit of the Sims!
Wooh! The Living room's done. All pained and sexy. Sumptious would be the ideal word I think.

To your left you can see te ultra funky, very retro-cool clock we found in Quiggins fopr £15 it needed a new mechansim but easily done) bear in mind your lucky to find something to cool for less then £100 in a concept living store and everything else is just a little on the dull stuff, even the retro inspired thingsy - we're sutibley chuffed with it.

As you can see the lovely turquoise colour (oriental jade - by Wilko's) all finished and lovely. We've moved some stuff around and we've got some new art to go up (Thanks to Alex and the Chinese Properganda Ministry).

Not much else - finally been to a dentist, still no hot water / shower but contracts copme through / been sent off for my job. Tomorrow is my first day of teaching a class... wish me luck :]