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I don't usually do / post stuff lik this - but this on made me giggle. It also proves I haven't totally forgotten my roleplaying roots!

You are the rare, the overlooked, yet incredibly useful dodecahedron: the d12. You are a creative, romantic soul. You often act without thinking, but make up for your lack of plans with plenty of heart. You easily solve problems that stump others, but your answers tend to put you into even deeper trouble. You write long, detailed backgrounds for all your characters, and are most likely to dress up as one or get involved in cos-play. You can be silly at times and are easily distracted by your own day dreams, but are at the end of the day you're someone who can be depended on.
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Pictures from our mini-mini break in the lake district are up, ever so relaxing and I can't wait to go back.

Works going along swimmingly - I'm really enjoying it.
Just need to find a weekend job, Pte says thier hiring in starbucks :-)