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Yo! Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!

We've got a Pirate themed Christmas this year - so I hope everyone is eating as much chocolate coins and drink as much rum as we are!

#WearnBathroomMakeover - Wall Tiles are up and they look amazing

The white grout makes them pop but none of the pictures do justice to the deep inky blue of the tiles.

What's left to do is the floor (white tiles) - which should be done by the end of the day and the putting the bathroom pottery and the shower in place (Thursday's job I guess) and then the fitters from Wickes are done.

Then, after Christmas we'll need to paint it (white) put up shelves in the alcove, find some baskets, and some storage and sort out bit and pieces and then it's done - and it will be so very nice to have a bathroom upstairs again. We're lucky to have a cloakroom downstairs, and lovely neighbors who've let us use their showers - but we brought a house with a upstairs bathroom for a reason. These last few weeks have cemented the idea that we made the right choice in this decision.

@bcwearn Amazing Birthday weekender Round-up

Wow! What a wonderful weekend!

New Train sets & Onesies were amazing... Thank you everyone who helped us celebrate our amazing son's 2nd birthday.

#WearnBathroomMakeover update - Atlantis Blue Tiles

I assume naming tiles is not as exciting as naming paint but these really are a lovely shade of dark blue.
It's just tiling and fitting to do now I think from the professionals...

Happy 2nd Birthday @bcwearn

Our amazing baby boy turns 2 today - there's a weekend of exciting things planned but he really has given us so much joy over the last 2 years. He's an absolute superstar.
He has gone off, as is tradition, with a caterpillar cake for nursery, and has stage 1 of his birthday presents bonaza to open tonight when he comes home

#WearnBathroomMakeover Day 1 - We had a bathroom once

That was quick...

The plasterer arrives tomorrow but it seems we need a new floor?

Casa Wearn Census history

So, working out the history of the bathroom over the years reminds me that I did do a bit of work on who used to live in our house.
We know it was built around 1910 so the first port of call was the 1911 census.

Even with 5 in the house it must have been fairly room and pleasant - to be in a brand new house but I was surprised she's there as a widow - so I did a bit more digging and she turns up on the 1901 census - married to an engineer called George and living on Newport Rd.

Since it's not actually my family I'm not doing much more research but when the 1921 census comes out I'll be sure to have another look to see if she's still there - or if not her, then who.

#WearnBathroomMakeover - Uncovering the past

Work was meant to start today on the bathroom but it's been delayed a day or two by the fitters having over run on the job before. That's ok - we've cleared the diary of any entertaining or having guests in the house until after Christmas anyway in case this kind of thing happened - we learnt from the kitchen makeover that these things happen and it will all be ok.

What we did manage to do last night was finally work out (we think) the different configurations of the back of the upstairs that has given us such an interesting space to work in.

We know it's fitted into to the extension that squared off of the house (and gave us a massive kitchen) - and the information we do have on the house states that was around 1983.

This must have brought a bathroom upstairs for the first time -and judging by some very technical artex analysis (squirly in one bit, stippeled in another) and some weird details that have never made sense with the tiles (more on this) we finally worked o…